Letter to the Editor

Vote no on barbaric research plan

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

To the editor:

Amendment 2 is wrong for Missouri. It makes it a constitutional right to clone humans. It gives scientists the right to create new lives simply to destroy them. It bans placing cloned cells into a womb but it does not outlaw cloning for the purpose of research. The amendment states that no law can be made to restrict these procedures, tying the hands of Missourians. It allows researchers to pay women to have their eggs surgically removed for use in creating embryos. This procedure is not without risk and would put women in jeopardy.

Stem-cell research is not all bad and is not illegal. Adult and umbilical cord stem-cell research is legitimate, promising and involves no loss of life. Embryonic stem-cell research has significant problems, like uncontrollable growth leading to tumors.

Many groups support Amendment 2 because of the alleged potential to treat diseases like diabetes, Parkinson's, cancer and burns. This sounds great, but don't be fooled. These conditions can all be addressed, and have been, in adult and umbilical stem-cell research. We do not need embryonic stem cells to continue forward in this ground-breaking research.

A no vote is not a vote against finding life-altering treatments but a vote against using embryonic stem cells. Missourians will not be robbed of any opportunities for treatment if Amendment 2 is voted down. Please vote no on Amendment 2. Do not make Missouri a haven for this barbaric research. Show the world where our values lie.

Dr. ANGELA M. KEELE, Cape Girardeau