Letter to the Editor

It's hard to break into the arts circle

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

To the editor:

The column by Matt Sanders about the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri was right on point. I am one of those 30-something artists who have been shunned. A while back there was an article crying about not getting enough money, so I went down to find out how to become a member. They told me it was $180 and there was a waiting list of two months. Since then I have been in there, and only one person has even said hello.

It's not just the arts council, but the community in general. There is a desire to become an elitist art society, and most of it comes from gallery owners. There are exceptions, but very few. This is a college town too, and if you don't put something out there that is different, it is an injustice to the students as well.

For a community that wants to be known for its art, it is very difficult to get in the circle. Don't forget how many of our most famous artists were never accepted either.