Speak Out 10/23/06

Monday, October 23, 2006

Respect for teachers

AS A former classroom teacher and someone who is still in the education field, I would quit my job before I would be forced to carry a gun. I have not spoken to one teacher who believes this is a good idea. All the teachers I know just want to teach their students. They are so tired of dealing with No Child Left Behind, MAP testing, discipline problems and criticism from every direction. When I was in school, teachers could teach and had the opportunity to get to know their students and develop a relationship. I loved most of my teachers and respected the others. If I had disrespected my teachers and behaved the way some students do today, my parents would have made my life miserable. They believed strongly in supporting and respecting teachers, as did most of my friends parents. Parents, you need to support teachers and teach your children to respect them. Stop making excuses for your children and teach them to take responsibility for their actions.

Is God to blame?

SOME PEOPLE see a child who comes through a horrible illness and say God cured him or guided the hand of the doctor. If the child doesn't make it or the doctor doesn't cure him, is God not to blame? God is the reason for wars, famine, disease, deaths and injuries. Quit thinking about the end of time and start living in the real world. When theories meet the real world, the real world has never lost. I read the Bible, but I also know how to think for myself.

Stop automated calls

CANDIDATES ARE still calling me with automated calls. I can't cut them off by hanging up. What can we do about this harassment? We don't want these calls. How can we make them end?

Great mural

WOW. THOMAS Melvin, Craig Thomas and Scott Kelley did a fantastic job on the Missouri Wall of Fame mural. Good job, guys. Thanks. We appreciate you.

Blow up the ads

THE BEST thing about living in Cincinnati was when WLW radio would blow up the political ads on the radio after the campaign season. Today's political cartoon in the paper reminded me of that. I would challenge local stations to do the same thing. This year the candidates have slinging mud at each other.

Beautiful murals

Monday's newspaper was just beautiful with the two bands, top and bottom, of the Missouri Wall of Fame portraits. It was just beautiful.

Future parkland

I'M CALLING about the acreage off Clark Avenue. I wish that the developer would find another acreage without all those trees. That's a really thick forest. Those trees are beneficial for everyone, as "The greenery gap" article stated. A lot of people would like to see that area developed as a natural park or nature preserve.

Nowhere to nowhere

THE SOUTHEAST Missourian finally discovered what I tried to tell it several years ago. The Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge is nothing but a bridge from nowhere to nowhere. If you want to make something worthwhile, connect the bridge with I-24 close to Metropolis, Ill. Going west, there's nothing until you get to Springfield, Mo., and that is several hundred miles away. There's nothing in between that amounts to anything.

Veterans highway

WHY DON'T we name the highway to the bridge the Veterans Memorial Highway? Give tribute to our American soldiers. Name it something that's worthy.

Now dog can vote too

THANK YOU, Missouri Supreme Court, for overturning the voter ID law. Now my dead father can still vote and also my dog. Thank you, Supreme Court.

Center line

I JUST come across U.S. 60 from Dexter to Sikeston. The highway has a nice white center line. It's easier to see this center line than what highway department normally puts down. I'm going north on I-55, and it's a narrow white line. Half the paint has already come up off. This week when it was raining it was hard to see that center line. The highway department needs to put that wide line in the center of I-55.

Cruel and unusual

I'M READING about the judge confirming his rulings that executions are cruel and unusual punishment for Missouri inmates. I wonder how much those inmates thought, when they committed their crimes, how cruel and unusual they were to their victims. I don't understand these judges.

Government: Keep out

I JUST finished reading the article on OSHA. It reaffirms my suspicions that the federal government has no business in the building trades. We contractors are not generals or the Gestapo. This is not a communist country yet. We are not in the habit of being ruthless with our employees. The bottom line is OSHA fines us for ridiculous things such as employees not having on sunscreen. We have to pass the cost onto the customers.

Noisy school

I'M A veteran teacher of 22 years. I suffer hearing loss due to the noise levels for lunch duty in the cafeteria. Why does OSHA not focus on the working conditions of teachers? I know that the noise level at school at certain times is well beyond what would be accepted in manufacturing.

School gun laws

AS A concealed-weapons permit holder, I'm amazed by the debate concerning teachers carrying weapons in schools. State law allows concealed weapons in vehicles on school property, but it does not allow for carrying a concealed weapon in the school itself. There is a federal law that prevents weapons from being brought into schools. I don't see teachers carrying weapons unless the law is changed at the federal and state levels.

Preventing attacks

HOW DOES TJ Greaney to know if there has ever been a terrorist plot, foiled or not? Several sources have said there have been. As far as we know, in the past we haven't used torture. We followed the Geneva Conventions. However, ask the guys from the Bataan death march or any POW how much good that did them. This new enemy plays by no rules but is always ready to throw our values back in our face. I thank President Bush that there has not been another successful attack on this country. He has dedicated his presidency to that end. What does he get? Carping from those who don't have any solutions of their own.

Cut one, plant one

CAPE GIRARDEAU could learn a lesson from Branson, Mo., which has a law that if you cut down a tree, you must plant another one.

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