Letter to the Editor

Names should reflect people's wishes

Monday, October 23, 2006

To the editor:

Citizens of Cape Girardeau are upset over the naming of our federal building, streets, bridges and schools after individuals. There are many God-fearing, hard-working people in this community who have given their time and energy, without pay, to the developing of our fair city and to make it a safe have to live in. There are not enough buildings, streets, bridges and schools to go around.

What is wrong with the name Cape Girardeau Federal Building? Let's promote our city. The street to the Mississippi River could be Rose Highway from the City of Roses. Let's use our imagination. Let the people of this area vote. Keep politics out of naming such places. Those in higher places couldn't care less.

As a longtime citizen of this community, I would like to see the mayor grab the bull by the horns and stand up for the taxpayers and their feelings on what's right and good for our community. Let the name Jay B. Knudtson go down in the history of Cape Girardeau as a man of the people.

Thank you for reading the ramblings of an older lady who has seen a lot of history in our fair city.

C.I. HOPE, Cape Girardeau