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Monday, October 23, 2006

The recent string of school shootings has prompted a Wisconsin lawmaker to propose arming teachers with guns. Republican state Rep. Frank Lasee says it's a concept that's worked in Israel and Thailand. Matt Hill, a Democratic legislative candidate in the 158th District Missouri House race, said during an election forum on Oct. 10 that allowing teachers to carry guns could be a way to prevent school violence. In last week's poll, The Southeast Missourian asked, "Should teachers be allowed to carry weapons at school?" Due to rounding, percentages may not add up to 100. (654 votes)

* No: 69 percent

* Yes: 28 percent

* Undecided: 3 percent


* "No. Too many other options for security are available."

* "No, some teachers have too bad a temper."

* "Are you kidding?! Most of my high school teachers were nutjobs!"

* "Totally ridiculous."

* "Teachers carrying guns is a recipe for disaster! I'm a teacher, and I don't want to carry a gun. I don't want to work with people armed with guns, and I don't want children to be in an atmosphere where people are toting guns. The folks -- like our governor -- who are suggesting this are completely out of touch."

* "Teachers should teach, not carry firearms."

* "What would keep a big strong teen from taking a gun away from a teacher if they want? What about teachers who would abuse this privilege? Are teachers screened and fingerprinted, or checked by the FBI?"

* "We won't let our teachers discipline the kids in school any more, but now we're talking about letting them carry guns? I doubt most students would be intimidated by it."

* "That won't solve the problem at all. There are too many unbalanced, hot-headed teachers as it is."

* "In today's world, teachers need to protect their students and themselves."

* "What would be the chance a student would get hold of a teacher's firearm?"

* "In every state that has legalized concealed carry of firearms, violent crime has gone down. To permit qualified teachers to carry a weapon, and placing a sign on the door saying 'Warning: Some of our teachers may be armed' would send these cowardly criminals elsewhere. They don't want to be shot any more than you or I do."

* "The last thing we need is more guns in the schools. More school resource officers, yes, but armed teachers, NO."

* "That'll be the day I send my kids to private school!"

* "The only thing our local teachers need to bring to the classroom is an electric cattle prod. Maybe that will help teach these kids some respect."

* "It would be too easy for the teacher to forget to lock her desk or cabinet and a student to get hold of the gun. I work at a school and I wouldn't want to see anyone in elementary with a gun."

* "Not only should teachers carry weapons, they should be trained in all forms of combat, almost like a requirement similar to having a degree."

* "As bad as kids are today, I'd kill'em all."

* "Only if they want and are trained how and when to use them. Troublemakers would have no idea who is armed and might think twice before acting up."

* "No. They should try carrying books instead!"

* "Teachers should carry stun guns or Mace -- nonlethal deterrents."

* "Any time there is a firearm present, there is danger."

* "If needed."

* "Our teachers are not trained in police-type duty. I can see things getting out of hand."

* "To all the people who wanted spankings and discipline out of our schools: You took the paddle out and put a gun in its place. Today's school violence by students is a result of no discipline."

* "Absolutely not. Maybe there should be a protective device somewhere in the classroom."

* "I think teachers should be armed if they choose. They shouldn't have to helplessly watch their students be hurt or killed."

* "Absolutely not! This is why we have security and law enforcement. It would take just one incident of a teacher going ballistic and killing some student. It would ruin a school district."

* "No way. But stun guns wouldn't be out of the question."

* "As a retired teacher, I resent having to take on one more responsibility. With the lack of respect and the poor pay circmstances, teachers have enough pressure without having to worry about shooting someone. Carrying a gun is not a teacher's job. Most people teach out of love, not for an opportunity to shoot someone."

* "A teacher who shot a student would be sued six ways from Sunday by the parents."

* "They are teachers, not jailers. Any student requiring discipline should not be in the school system."

* "Tasers only."

* "Arming teachers would only lead to more deaths. Teachers know how to teach, and how to deal with behavior problems. They do not know how to deal with criminals."

* "A very dangerous idea."

* "Everyone has a right to carry a gun."

* "There are some teachers I woudn't trust with a slingshot, much less a gun."

* "They have a hard enough time teaching our kids without packing guns, too."

* "I think that parents who do not instill in their kids the importance of good behavior, respect for teachers and school property along with the desire to be a better person should be tried in court for child endangerment. We have made teaching kids in school impossible because of allowing bad parents to ruin the public school system in this country. If we would allow teachers to teach and disipline students while they have them we would not be having the problems our society is plagued with today."

* "Several sharp pencils will work fine."

* "Oh, great idea. Let's put guns in the hands of teachers, some of whom are not the most mentally stable people to begin with. I'd rather homeschool than send my kids to a school where teachers carry guns."

* "Students should be put through metal detectors and frisked prior to entering the building and again before each class."

* "We need security officers, not teachers with guns."

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