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Sunday, October 22, 2006

A look at hole in ones at Southeast Missouri's golf courses since the start of the 2000 season through the end of July:

There have been 213 aces.

* Bob Garrett has three -- including two in one round at Cape Girardeau Country Club on March 8, 2000 and one at Dalhousie Golf Club in 2002.

* Ken Swinford also has three, on three different holes at Dalhousie since 2003. He has aced Nos. 5, 11 and 13.

* Dick Davis has three, all at Kimbeland, including two on the 18th hole. He aced Nos. 8 and 18 last year and hit the 18th again this year.

* Durwood Thurman's ace on No. 3 at Cape Jaycee on Feb. 26 of this year was the first in that month since 2002. One ace was recorded in January -- Jan. 2, 2000 -- by Howard Dillard at Cape Country Club. While none has been recorded in December since 2000, on the last day of the last millenium -- three days before Dillard's ace -- Tommy Owens made a hole in one at Cape Country Club.

By month: January, 1; February, 2; March, 16; April, 22; May, 24; June, 39; July, 37; August, 27; September, 20; October, 13; November, 10.

By year: 2000, 31; 2001, 31; 2002, 22; 2003, 38; 2004, 36; 2005, 34; 2006 (through July), 24.

* A country club, Kimbeland in Jackson, has yielded the most holes in one with 93.

By course

Kimbeland Country Club93
Cape Girardeau Country Club58
Cape Jaycee Municipal25
Dalhousie Golf Club23
Bent Creek Golf Course13

* Kimbeland's 12th hole yielded 29 aces in the span, with Nos. 4 and 6 tied for second on the list at 18 apiece. Kimbeland has another hole in double figures and Cape Country Club has three in double figures.

By hole

Bent CreekNo. 67
Bent CreekNo. 83
Bent CreekNo. 131
Bent CreekNo. 151
Cape CCNo. 214
Cape CCNo. 41
Cape CCNo. 610
Cape CCNo. 815
Cape CCNo. 115
Cape CCNo. 135
Cape CCNo. 165
Cape JayceeNo. 37
Cape JayceeNo. 63
Cape JayceeNo. 84
Cape JayceeNo. 128
Cape JayceeNo. 185
DalhousieNo. 58
DalhousieNo. 84
DalhousieNo. 116
DalhousieNo. 134
KimbelandHole A8
KimbelandNo. 418
KimbelandNo. 618
KimbelandNo. 86
KimbelandNo. 1229
KimbelandNo. 1816

* The longest of holes in one with yardage information was 195 yards. David Shell aced the second hole at Cape Country Club using a 5-iron to cover that distance on April 23 of this year. Keith Holloway also aced that hole in June 2005, playing it at 186 yards.

Other long holes in one: Tom Hamilton, Cape Country Club's No. 16, 190 yards; Mike Cotner and Pat Apel, Cape Jaycee Municipal Golf Course, No. 6, 188 yards.

The shortest holes in one have been on -- no surprise -- Kimbeland's No. 12, which played as short as 77 yards for two aces and 90 yards for 10 others.

* Of the aces with clubs listed, the most popular club were the 8-iron, the 6-iron and the 7-iron.

By club


Not all the information for each hole in one had all the details on date, distance and club used, thus the difference in numbers from the overall total.

-- Toby Carrig

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