Everyone's a critic: 'Man of the Year'

Friday, October 20, 2006

Two and a half stars (out of four)

"Man of the Year" is a movie about a comedian,played by Robin Williams, with a popular talk show, who throws his name into the presidential election and wins. I think.

If you are a Robin Williams fans, I believe you will like this movie. He's funny and has a good supporting cast. He doesn't play the weirdo as he has in some of his recent movies.

This film has a lot of one liners that bring a chuckle, and Christopher Walken plays Williams' right-hand man.

This is a lighthearted movie that's a combination of humor, political satire and romance. It's a feel-good movie. My friend Mike, who attended with me, gave it two stars, and I gave it three. If you split that, you have two-and-a-half stars and an above average film.

-- Lindell Brennecke

Four stars (out of four)

If I could give this one more star, I would be glad to. Robin Williams plays a late night political show host who decides, on a lark, to run for president. In spite of his not expecting to win, he does just that.

This is one of his better performances in recent years, mixing a good amount of his quick wit with enough of a thriller to keep people interested.

Backing Williams up is an excellent supporting cast, including Christopher Walken, Laura Linney, Jeff Goldblum and Lewis Black. While the previews make this out to be primarily a comedy, it's actually a nice mix of Williams-type humor along with a political thriller. Definitely one worth going to see, especially this close to election time. The debate scene alone would be something nice to see here in real life.

-- Hank Sessoms

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