Speak Out 10/20/06

Friday, October 20, 2006

Praise for teacher

THERE SHOULD be shouts of appreciation raised to Brian White, a Poplar Bluff teacher. His op-ed article should open the eyes of many parents, but it won't. Mr. White, you are a treasure, albeit probably an unappreciated one. Realize that there are those children and parents who are so lucky to have you.

Road collecting

REGARDING THE fund-raising roadblocks at the Scott City exit off I-55: It drives me crazy to see people asking for handouts for their personal hobbies. I'm all for donating to St. Jude or the Knights of Columbus collection for the mentally handicapped, but collecting year after year or softball trips or cheerleading uniforms is different. If I choose to sign my kids up for activities, it is my responsibility to pay the costs. Either work to raise money or foot the bill yourself.

More green

THE ARTICLE "The greenery gap" hit home for me. I was born and raised in Southeast Missouri. I recently moved back from California. My memories of home included trees, grass and wildlife, and I couldn't wait to get back. How dismayed I was to find so many developments in the area that are house after house with no trees. It reminded me of the western states where developers level the land. Even planting small trees cannot do justice to the mature trees in the area. I do hope officials in Cape Girardeau and surrounding cities take heed and enforce green space.

Too much mud

IS IT just me, or have political commercials gone beyond mudslinging and into something much worse? I have had it with both the Republicans and Democrats. They have ruined our beloved country in too many ways. I will exercise my right to vote because its my duty as an American over 18 years of age. My vote will go to the Libertarian or the independent candidate. I advise everyone with any intelligence to look at what the Libertarian Party is all about. You may become enlightened.

Religion and science

SOMEONE SAID belief in the Bible would inhibit science. Many of the most famous scientists of the past were Christians: James Joule, Carolus Linnaeus, Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei and Johannes Kepler, just to name a few.

Weeds at crossing

THE WEEDS at the railroad crossing on Oak Street in Scott City need to be cut. For those of us who stop to look for oncoming trains that don't always blow their horns, the weeds cause us to pull almost all the way up to the tracks instead of letting us stay at a safe distance.

Need better plan

"MOST SENIORS enrolled in the Medicare drug benefit will pay higher monthly premiums if they stay with their current coverage." What a surprise. Did anyone not see this coming? The reports that most seniors are happily saving money with the Part D prescription plans are encouraging until we realize that most have not yet reached the so-called "doughnut hole." As a friend rapidly approaches his limit, the math has become clear: In the long run, he will be paying as much or more for his prescriptions when factoring in his premiums. And now, after the initial horror of figuring out which plan to enroll in, he may be facing having to do it all again. Our government should have asked the seniors to suggest a prescription coverage plan. You can bet it would have been simpler and more beneficial to someone besides insurance companies.

Apology demanded

I AM not a member of the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri, but I do know something about it and the work it does. Matt Sanders needs to apologize for his unprofessional writing. And the Missourian needs to find a professional journalist to fill Sanders' spot on the staff. His apology should also appear on the paper's front page. The area doesn't need someone damaging the hard work of this fine group.

Bipolar criminals

BIPOLAR DISORDERS can be associated with a lot of criminal behavior. When a person has this disorder, he can become violent toward the people he cares about, and he doesn't always remember doing anything. I'm a witness to that. A family member became violent at times when a bipolar disorder reached a peak. Some bipolar people can't afford to get the mental help they need. That usually leads to criminal behavior. Instead of getting help, they are locked up and forgotten.

Respect for disabled

I AGREE that some adults and children are disrespectful to people with disabilities. I'm a disabled younger adult, and people look at me disgustedly when I use an electric cart while shopping. Just because I'm disabled doesn't mean my life should stop because I can no longer walk through a store. We were taught as young children to respect others whether they had disabilities or not.

Speaking for teachers

THANK YOU, Brian White, for summing up how many of us feel as teachers, but don't have the courage to say for fear of retaliation by the our administrators. You are to be commended.

Positive about the arts

MATT SANDERS is nothing but gracious. I think some people at the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri protest too much. Who would want to join such a negative group? Stop whining and recruit some positive people.

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