Speak Out 10/16/06

Monday, October 16, 2006

Rooftop dining

IF SOMEONE would build a high-rise garage in downtown Cape Girardeau and put restaurants on top, you might draw some people. They could look out over the river. Downtown needs a lot of parking. Wouldn't that be nice? Wouldn't that do something for the downtown area?

Begetting violence

WHY ARM our schoolteachers? They're there to teach our children, not shoot them. Put policemen in the halls if needed. Violence begets violence. Use some common sense.

No parking at PO

MY FIRST trip back to the renovated post office on Frederick Street was something to write home about. I rode around the block six times looking for a parking place. All the time I was thinking of all the parking area at the old Sears building or Plaza Galleria. I finally parked two blocks away and walked to my post office box. Surely someone has a good reason for this move, but I fail to see what it could possibly be.

Work for money

HAVE YOU noticed that the people asking for money at the Scott City intersections are not always from Scott City? They are from Benton, Chaffee and Kelso. I agree the kids need to work for their money.

Senior alternative

I HOPE that in the near future the land that had been proposed as low-income senior housing is turned into single-resident homes. Instead of having quiet, conscientious neighbors, the protesting homeowners would end up with loud stereos, teenagers' cars speeding through the streets and dogs barking all night. I only wish I lived in a neighborhood of seniors. It would certainly be a restful change.

Frying pan and fire

IF CHAD Hartle's land in Cape Girardeau is already zoned for single-family dwellings, then he ought to turn it into a manufactured-home village. For the 200 people who signed the petition opposing his development plan, that's called out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Need more trees

YOUR STORY about the lack of trees in Cape Girardeau was right on. Many of the old areas have beautiful trees in them, although the city has recently been razing them to its disgrace. But new areas are largely barren. We will all come to regret this in the future. As for the planning commission not giving green space a priority, that too is a disgrace. We will never be a top-notch city, no matter how much we develop, if we don't also plan for green space and trees.

Go to the top

TEACHERS SPEND hundreds of dollars a year out of their own pockets on items for their classrooms. Is it too much to ask students to provide tissues? If you want schools to spend more money on school supplies, where should they cut? Books, paper, desks, chairs, teacher salaries? If parents want this changed, take it to the top. The state decides how much money each school district gets. Parents, please realize that you are preaching to the choir. Help the schools by writing to those in government who make the decisions.

Pieces and parts

I DON'T understand how, the U.S. government is allowing Ma Bell to buy back all the Baby Bells. First AT&T bought back SBC, and now it is buying back Bell South. After a company is split due to monopoly charges, how can it be allowed to reassemble the parts?

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