Speak Out 10/15/06

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Passengers at risk

A RECENT comment said people who run from the police get what they deserve. I am sure passengers do not want to die or get severely injured. Did the police think of the passengers and their families?

Trained presence

INSTEAD OF giving teachers weapons at school, each building should have an armed resource officer. This would give schools the security of the presence of law enforcement and a trained individual who is comfortable with a weapon. Perhaps government should explore this before filling our halls with loaded weapons.

Goofy idea

IT'S GOOFY to suggest we arm schoolteachers with concealed weapons. Their frustrations are often compared to postal workers. I want no part of any estrogen-charged classrooms spiked with loaded handguns. Nuts to that idea.

Extensive rehab

INSTEAD OF letting meth heads back out on the streets after being in prison, put them in an extensive rehab program and let them prove they can stay clean before they are released back into the general public. There is just as much drug use in prison as there is out on the street.

It could be worse

IN RESPONSE to the story "Cape panel votes against Victorian Estates": What in the world do the opponents think lower-income senior adults are going to do? Play loud music and party all night? Maybe I'll buy the land and put in the 47 single-family units and rent them to college students and tell them to have a block party every weekend and not to worry about mowing their yards. Which would you rather have? Lower-income senior adults who would most likely have a lawn service provided for them? Or my idea for the 47 single-family units?

Qualified to shoot

TO THE naysayers about teachers being armed in the classroom: There are many of us who are highly qualified to do so and have had years of handgun experience and have had local, state and federal background checks. If the life we saved was your child's, you'd sing a different song. I don't like the idea that our country may have come to such a drastic measure, but we must protect our own in the best way possible.

Janitors' time off

I DO not work for the Cape Girardeau School District. I am a resident of Cape Girardeau who pays taxes. When the district doesn't have school, the janitors should also get off. If I were a janitor, I would take the school board to court.

Corn isn't the answer

THERE ARE two words that U.S. Sen. Kit Bond should learn: celluosic ethanol. He's telling people that corn-based ethanol is the thing to do. It isn't, and it's becoming more and more apparent to many people. Ethanol promoters are trying to con farmers to get into this business.

Educated voters?

THE WAY that people pass down the fables and myths of religion from one generation to the next is a testament to our ignorance. The way we war among ourselves is yet another. Until we wean ourselves and our children from this archaic way of living, we will never evolve into something better, no matter how great our technology. Who knows? Maybe someday we could become something that all politicians fear the most: educated.

Research benefits

VOTING NO on Amendment 2 will not keep Missourians from getting the benefits from stem-cell research. This research is going on already. This amendment opens the back door to government funding of human cloning. We do not need to amend our state constitution to get the benefits of stem-cell research.

Ethical opposition

THE REASON there are people opposing Amendment 2 is not because they are not for cures. The opponents know and have loved ones in wheelchairs and with diseases such as diabetes, cancer and Parkinson's. We just believe this is an unethical and scary solution. As a matter of fact, one of the many doctors standing up against this has a child with diabetes.

Gifted writer

I ALWAYS enjoy TJ Greaney's column. He is a gifted writer and entertaining while getting the point across.

Let us have a say

NOT SO fast with naming our public buildings, bridges and highways. The Limbaughs and Olivers provided services, but they got paid well. Taxpayers should have a say. I am calling for a group of people who thinks we should have a say in this.

Remember the oath

I'M A nurse. In 1994, my father passed away of bone marrow myeloma. He saw his health slowly deteriorate. He became terminal and died. It was sad for me. Two doctors opposed to Amendment 2 saw my dad as a patient. One could not find what was wrong with him, and the other told my father he had to die of something. That hurt my father so much and also made the family angry. I find doctors with ultra-right moral beliefs who want to limit stem-cell research for sick and dying patients to be unacceptable. They need to go back to their Hippocratic oath.

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