City of Roses didn't smell so sweet

Wednesday, October 11, 2006
No Other singer Justin Boswell belted out metal Friday (Fred Lynch photo)

I made a mistake, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I took a look at the COR schedule, got a little too excited, and what I ended up with in reality was nowhere near what I saw on paper.

The festival just wasn't much of one this year, and both band performances and organization can be blamed for it. And although there were at least some highlights on Friday, Saturday was ultimately forgettable. 

The first thing that needs to go is the "family atmosphere" the organizers were attempting to pull off (meanwhile, who knows how many got plastered at the beer tents and bars … more than a few). This is a mistake, forcing a family festival on people who obviously just want to listen to music and have a good time. Let the SEMO District Fair, which is right around the same time, have the "family atmosphere."

There were few good performances, but the best of COR were:

1. Rock Solid, Friday 9 p.m., Themis stage

Almost everyone at COR at the time was at the show, and The Solid certainly gave them a show like nothing else at the festival. Although they only played five songs, Rock Solid made them count, getting the crowd so excited many followed them to the Pour House where they played for another two hours.

2. Fists of Phoenix, Friday 10 p.m., Themis stage

The Rock Solid- FOP combo was the big draw of COR and for good reason. Fists of Phoenix showed why they are one of the best young acts in the area. Still, these guys could have carried day two if given the chance because they actually pull off the rock-metal mix that countless other local bands sucked so badly at.

3. SEMO Jazz Ensemble, Friday 6 p.m., CVB Parking lot

Yes, I know this one comes as a huge surprise to some of you, but this was a wonderful performance by the Jazz Ensemble. The sad part was that there were probably more people playing music on the stage than there were listening to the music off the stage. The "family" stage really didn't get a very good draw overall, though, not even for blues virtuoso Bruce Zimmerman.

The best performances were in the bars, where music and atmosphere went uncensored (unless you were under 21). So catch a band downtown and you'll see Cape's music scene for what it really is … not too shabby.

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