Letter to the Editor

Group used tasteless tactics

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

To the editor:

Dru Reeves nearly said it all in his letter regarding the leftist Ray McGovern goat-rope sponsored by the Concerned Citizens of Southeast Missouri. But I offer more about this and other Southeast Missouri groups. For now, I dismiss McGovern as simply another narcissistic ex-administrative employee of the Central Intelligence Agency, similar to Valerie Plame. Whether he converted to communism before, during or after his paper-shuffling CIA job does not concern me. I will address what disgusted me the most with McGovern and the CCSM as Reeves could not do because he was blocked from entrance by a few bigots.

The most despicable aspect of the entire leftist propaganda show sponsored by the CCSM were disgraceful multiple attempts to politicize the recent loss of the Jeremy Shank family. I do not want to believe the Shanks of Jackson would condone such tasteless tactics as using Jeremy's ultimate sacrifice as an engine for the socialist agenda. It reminds me of the leftists' scheme to promote that pathetic Cindy Sheehan as a useful idiot for their failed and deadly ideology. I knew I smelled Code Pink recruiters lurking about Jackson for a while.

As a veteran and nontraditional alumnus of Southeast Missouri State University, I concur with Reeves regarding CCSM as merely another front group of the extremist professors who lead the SEMO Coalition for Peace and Justice, whose Web site is named SEMO Progressive, another Marxian code word for communist. Great, our tax money at work.