Letter to the Editor

Cape Girardeau needs bike trail to attract visitiors

Saturday, August 16, 2003

To the editor:

I would like to thank the Missouri Department of Conservation and Cape Girardeau for the Cape LaCroix Trail. I think it is a very nice trail that gives people a safe place to walk, run or bike. However, since we seem to be on a kick about how to get people to visit our wonderful town, why not think about adding a mountain-bike trail at one of the parks. Cape County Park has a nice hiking trail, but there is a sign at the entrance prohibiting bikes. Some people are happy with biking on the Cape LaCroix Trail, but some also feel that bikes make it dangerous because they travel at higher speeds. I agree. If the city would create a rugged trail for bikes, they would get bikers from other areas coming to ride. That would at least keep more people from having to go to Illinois or St. Louis to ride an off-road trail.


Cape Girardeau