Speak Out 10/7/06

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Chase questioned

Police departments should consider that people get rowdy and carried away, but is it worth the cost of human life just to bring them in using a high-speed car chase?

Wasted money

WE'VE ALL had it happen. We're driving northbound on Interstate 55 listening to our favorite public radio station, KCRU in Cape Girardeau. Around Perryville, something starts to happen. The station starts to fade because you've gotten out of their coverage area. So you switch to KWMU 90.7 or KTHS 88.1 or WSIE 88.7, the jazz station. For the local station to spend money to build towers to compete with stations out of St. Louis is a waste. I'm a big supporter of public radio. It is all I listen to. But that was a waste of money.

Car was identified

WHY WOULD the Chaffee police officer keep chasing a car into another county when he had the car's license number?

Need lines on roads

THE PEOPLE of Jackson appreciate the refinishing of the roads, but we'd like to be able to see some lines on the roads so we'll know where the lanes are.

Stop school sales

I DISAGREE with schools sending students door to door to sell worthless products claiming the school is to perform some activity and needs funds. I do not support this kind of activity. It isn't teaching children anything positive. Let's cut out this nonsense. People are tired of it, and many students do not like what they're doing.

Bicycle safety

AS AN avid bicyclist, I want to thank the drivers in the area for their basic courtesy. However, I must remind certain drivers that under Missouri law I have the same right to the road as they do. All motorists must pass a bicycle rider as they would any other vehicle on the road, with safety as the primary rule. Please remember that under Missouri law motorists may not do anything that endangers the bicyclist or pedestrian, even if you think you're doing something legal.

War scenario

WHEN IT comes (as it surely will) to paying for Medicare or pursuing the was against terror, we will most certainly be told that the war on terror is over and that we have won.

Education is tops

I have put my child's education above my own personal retirement. I will work until I have passed away to see to it that my children get a good education. It is that important to me. In the years to come we may see a time when you need a college degree to work at Wal-Mart.

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