Landis has hip surgery, hopes for return to Tour de France

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

After two trying months marked by doping allegations, an assault on his reputation and his father-in-law's suicide, Floyd Landis doesn't wish for a stirring comeback so much as the simpler things in life.

To reach that goal, Landis had hip-replacement surgery last week. With his rehab under way, the 30-year-old won't rule out a return to competitive cycling and the Tour de France.

Sometime next week, Landis will begin riding the stationary bike. In three weeks, he expects to be released to do anything he wants.

And in a year?

"We're moving forward with the idea that he will be back and be competitive," said Landis' personal physician, Brent Kay.

"I know how I did it," Landis said of his Tour win. "I did it clean. The accusations against me are unfounded. I hope the world gets to see that. But I'm going to remain myself no matter what, and that's the most important thing."

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