Speak Out 9/30/06

Saturday, September 30, 2006

In their faces

BILL CLINTON put Fox News' Chris Wallace in his place. He jumped right in his face. That's what they need. They are a bunch of bullies. It's too bad it wasn't Brit Hume, Sean Hannity or Bill O'Riley. They need it too. All four are bullies. Bill Clinton did it again.

Stop sign is better

I WISH Cape Girardeau would not put a traffic light at the intersection of Siemers Drive and Bloomfield Road. If you drove through that intersection as often as I do, you would find the four-way stop works better than a stoplight will. A stoplight will cause congestion and extra waiting time for people when there is nobody coming from another direction.

Not on board

AS A homeowner on Recardo Drive, I am concerned about the proposed senior housing development. The developer improperly stated that all responses were positive and that the neighbors were on board with his project. I was visited and given limited information. When I tried to address issues like property values, the expected rent of the duplexes and eliminating the natural storm water runoff for Stoddard and Recardo, which may cause flooding, I was told the land will be developed one way or another. I mailed the comment card I was given seeking answers with no response back. Until these realistic concerns are addressed, I am not on board.

Cell phones in cars

I ENJOYED the Class of 2Morrow article with a photo showing a teenage driver with one hand on a cell phone and the other hand in the air while driving a motorized vehicle. Maybe legislators should limit the use of cell phones. I think that would be a great idea.

Fix the problem

REGARDING DEARMONT residential hall at Southeast Missouri State University where the ceiling is flaking off: It is well past time to take care of this and other issues. I am an alumnus of SEMO, and I think it is embarrassing that the university would allow something like this to happen. It is expensive for kids to go to school as it is. The university spends money to build fountains and other pet projects. It's time it took care of students who are paying to get their education.

Teen driving law

THIS IS to clarify the new Missouri teen driving law. It was reported in the Southeast Missourian that any driver under 19 with an intermediate license cannot have more than one person in the car under 19 years old unless it was an immediate family member. The law actually states that Missouri drivers with an intermediate license cannot have more than one passenger in the car other than an immediate family member in the first six months they have their license. After the first six months, the law states there can be no more than three passengers under 19. The small town I live in has not been enforcing this law. This law is designed to cut down on the number of fatality accident involving teens, especially new drivers.

Not for good girls

A GIRL has no business being sexually active. If more parents were raising their daughters right, they wouldn't be sexually active till at least marriage. Vaccines have caused death before. So why should a good girl die because other people aren't teaching their daughters values? Sex should be saved for marriage. It is ridiculous that all girls should be vaccinated because some of them lead sleazy lifestyles. It is not for good girls.

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