Speak Out 9/25/06

Monday, September 25, 2006

Killing their own

20,600 IRAQI civilians have died from suicide bombs, rockets and mortars versus 2,689 U.S. military personnel and civilian contractors since the start of the war in Iraq. If we are the problem over there, why are the terrorists killing so many of their own Muslim people?

Too much beer

I RECENTLY rode in Bikers for Babies. I didn't think it was a good idea to have all the stops along the route at bars and taverns or to serve beer at the end of the ride.

A great honor

RUSH LIMBAUGH Sr. was the epitome of good citizenship, excellent lawyer and promoter of Cape Girardeau's history and all it had to offer. I see no other person who is as worthy of the honor of being the new courthouse's namesake as much as Rush Limbaugh Sr. Whether you dislike his grandson or not, that should not be a reason for not granting the citizens of the area to honor this man.

MTV forgets

IN REPLY to the caller saying he will refer to conservative groups attempting to censor entertainment as Christo-Fascists: Let's not forget that Tipper Gore is the one who led the largest entertainment censorship we have ever known. She went up against the music industry artist Aerosmith, Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne and Twisted Sister. Who is Tipper Gore's husband? Al Gore, the Democrats' spokesman. How quickly MTV forgets and grants Al Gore time during its video award show.

Reality about Iraq

THANKS FOR the great story on Ray McGovern's visit to Cape Girardeau. And congratulations to the Concerned Citizens for this coup. It is high time folks in Limbaugh-land woke up to the reality that they were deceived by their president into sending their children to fight and die in this war, which now serves only to promote terrorism and does nothing to combat it. Support our troops. Bring them home.

More kook fringe

RAY McGOVERN, a retired CIA analyst, is coming to speak in Cape Girardeau. This is the same man who claimed the United States went into Iraq so Israel could control the Middle East, according to Wikipedia. Sounds like another one of the kook fringe to me.

Contraband candy

THE BAN on junk food for the Cape Girardeau School District is probably going to be a failure. Most of the children will sneak candy into school and eat it away from supervision.

Military age

WHO ARE we to say 18-year-old men and women are too young to make a decision about military enlistment? I served four years in the Marine Corps. I enlisted at the age of 17. Like millions of others, I did my tour honorably and to the best of my abilities at a young age. The military's backbone is young men and women who are brave enough to step up to the challenge. The military fights wars, not civilians. You join the military knowing there is a chance you may go to war. War is scary, but our men and women are well-trained and capable of handling the task at hand no matter their age. I agree that we needed to fight this war, but I don't think we did enough in the beginning, and it cost lives. Let's not blame deaths on enlistment age but instead on our government leaders.

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