Results from last week's online poll 9/25/06

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Southeast Missourian's online poll asked, "Would an ID requirement affect whether you vote in upcoming elections?" Due to rounding, percentages may not add up to 100. (399 votes)

Yes: 19.8% (79 votes)

No: 80.2% (320 votes)


* "You Publicans can whine and spin all you want. The Missouri voter ID law has been ruled unconstitutional. Live with it."

* "I always show my ID. I think it's a good idea."

* " I believe it is a good idea and should be fully implemented."

* "No way I would even think about voting with an ID."

* "It is amazing to me that proof of identity is required for opening a bank account, seeing a doctor, even checking out a library book, but we complain about having to have an ID for something as important as voting. On the other hand I have witnessed first-hand how difficult it is (impossible in some cases) for older Americans to obtain the supporting documents needed to get that ID."

* "My one vote won't make a difference anyway!"

* "I am an Mexican national. Now I can vote democratic. Without citizenship I could not get an ID legally."

* "Proving who you are when voting in a public election is a very good idea and I've been showing my ID for the five years I've been eligible to vote. What's the big deal? Were some polling places allowing people to vote multiple times or something?"

* "Everyone should have an ID. Grandfather clauses for exemptions is a poor excuse. My question is, without an ID how does one qualify even to be grandfathered in?"

* "Everyone should have to show a photo ID."

* "It's ridiculous!"

* "How hard is it to get an ID? Not hard. If you can't get out to get an ID, there's this thing called an absentee ballot ...

* "It may affect our seniors."

* "I say no because I am 28 and I have NEVER voted and don't plan on starting now."

* "I have nothing to hide so why would it bother me?"

* "Voting is only for the rich anyway. We poor do not have a voice."

* "Everyone should prove ID before being allowed to vote. Voting by unqualified people dilutes my vote. ID everyone who wants to vote at every election."

* "Anyone either ashamed or refusing to show and ID doesn't deserve to vote. This will prevent voter fraud in places across the country where it is a problem. Maybe it isn't in our part of the state/country, but what is good for the masses/voter validation is good for all."

* "Actually, in my state, we have always been required to show I.D. before voting. I am in Kentucky."

* "Photo ID should be MANDATORY in all elections."

* "What's the big deal? I often have to show a photo ID to cash a check or use a credit card."

* "Anyone who is against voter ID requirements is for voter fraud!"

* "I can see the logic behind the requirement, but I don't think a lot of older people will vote because of it."

* "It is just another way to exert control over the people while making extra money for government!"

* "I believe this is another way of getting people not to vote as the poll tax did. So when you don't like the way some people vote, you make it more difficult."

* "Why would it bother me?"

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