Fan Speak Sept24

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Equal time

I BELIEVE Notre Dame's softball team is terrific. But so are the Kelly Hawks. I do not believe they are getting the credit they deserve. All I'm asking is that Kelly gets its fair share of coverage for the stellar season it is having also. A lot of people from the Benton area read the paper, and some of them are getting tired of having Notre Dame shoved down their throats. Good luck to both teams as they continue their endeavor towards a state title.

(In the recent tournaments that involved both local teams at Incarnate Word and the Jackson Invitational, the Southeast Missourian's coverage was designed to focus on the teams that played in the championship games, regardless of which teams were involved.)

Envious of Notre Dame

IT IS blatantly obvious the jealousy that shown by those who oppose Notre Dame's tremendous group of talented softball players. While these girls have been playing against or with each other only for about 10 years or so through the long summers, their parents saw the potential for a great group of softball players in the years to come. Chances are these girls and their parents are predominantly Catholic, thus choosing a Catholic school. Second, their parents realize the lofty academic requirements for athletics and educational purposes, and they want better for their children than what the state can provide. Last, but not least, if you believe these girls put out more effort and their parents sacrifice whole summers for the betterment of the team, then pay tuition like the rest of the parents do so your daughters can have a shot at a team like this. These parents and girls sacrifice a lot, just like you, but they also pay for public education in addition to tuition.

In the swim

CONGRATULATIONS ARE due for the Central swimmers and coaches who won their three-team swim meet in St. Louis on Tuesday, even without having a pool to practice at last week.

(The Tigers defeated University City and Clayton in a meet at Clayton.)

Ready for the pros

CONGRATULATIONS TO Dalhousie Golf Club on all of its recent awards. I had no idea that a top-class golf course was right in our backyards. It's amazing that Dalhousie Golf Club was just an idea just a few years ago. Hopefully, the PGA will come to town.

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