Speak Out 9/24/06

Sunday, September 24, 2006

United opposition

AS AN alumnus of Notre Dame Regional High School, I am proud it hosted the rally against embryonic stem-cell research and human cloning with pastors and congregations from other area churches coming together to educate ourselves and to show we are united on this issue. As Catholics, we are to follow our church teachings and hierarchy. The Catholic church is not against adult stem-cell research but is against this amendment. Why would our good doctors be distorting the facts and for what purpose? Usually when something sounds to good to be true, it is. Think about it.

History lesson

ALTHOUGH I got A's in history, I hated it in high school: all those dry facts and dates to memorize, nothing to convince me that it would be helpful in my future life (which it was not). Now I love history as long as I can read it in old magazines and newspapers as it happened. Oddly enough, now I see that in American history that nothing much has changed in the way we deal with things. In the 1920s and 1930s, politicians were discussing our need for less taxation and more access to affordable health care. We still are. Maybe that's the benefit of knowing history. It tells us our politicians make no progress on things that matter.

Daily death counts

WHY IS that I get the daily statistics of how many people are killed each day in Iraq, but there's no mention of the daily murders in the United States? MSNBC tells me today that 31 people were killed in Iraq. That sounds terrible. However, the U.S. averages 45.73 deaths a day in our supposedly civilized society that has had more than 200 years to grow, develop and refine itself.

School food

LET ME get this straight. My child's school cannot make annual yearly progress and has the nerve to tell me what treats I can and cannot send to school with my child. If I have to come to school and sit at lunch with my child while he eats his Skittles or Sweetarts, I will. And I will defy anyone to take my child's candy away. You do your job in educating my child, and I will take care of what he is fed.

Deal with it

OFFENDED BY a tattoo? There are a million worse things going on in the world. I am offended by elderly drivers, people who can't mind their own business, rude people, people who live off the government and people who complain about waiting at a physician's office. But these aren't going away, so I deal with them.

Student responsibility

WHEN I went to school, I never told my parents when I had homework or tests. They were my responsibility. I learned how to study in grade school, so by the time I went to college I was prepared. If you are doing your children's homework, you are not helping them in the long run.

Moral high ground

PROTECTING THE Geneva Conventions and preventing detainee abuse is not appeasing terrorists. It is ensuring that the United States retains its moral and ethical high ground and reputable standing in the world. The key element all the right-wingers keep forgetting is that detainees have never been proven to be terrorists, and the onus is on our government to prove it. We have plenty of dangerous people right here in America, but we don't lock them up or execute them until we're sure we have the right person in custody. With President Bush's torture, detention and trial policies, innocent people will assuredly suffer.

Thanks for purse

This is for Nathan who works at the Cape Girardeau Wal-Mart. What an angel in disguise you were when you found my purse, which I left in the shopping cart on the parking lot. You tried to get my attention as I drove off, but I didn't look back, not realizing that I had left my purse in the cart. Wal-Mart, you have an honest, outstanding and caring employee in this young man. He made my day. I am thankful to him.

Political weapon

People use the word "terrorism" so much, and they don't know what it means. Terrorism has a single goal: to create terror and fear. Fear undermines faith in the establishment. It weakens from within, causing unrest in the masses. Terrorism is not an expression of rage. Terrorism is a political weapon. Remove the government, and you remove its people's faith.

Good tribute

The cartoon of the crying stingray was a sweet and appropriate tribute to Steve Irwin.

Inspiring story

The story on the front page about the guardian angels was inspiring. I hope it made lots of people feel the same way I did.

Going too far

What do you mean kids can't have LifeSavers at school? How far does the school system think it can go?

Take responsibility

I CONTINUE to hear people complain about the snack-food ban at schools. If everyone would quit looking for someone to blame for childhood obesity and starting taking responsibility for their children's well-being, the schools would not have to take such extreme measures.

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