Speak Out 9/20/06

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blame Congress

THIS IS in response to the parent who wonders why her children have homework each night. Yes, the demands on children today are excessive. However, as a public school teacher I can tell you that students are required to be competent in so many areas. I teach all day, running 90 to nothing the entire day. I spend hours planning my lessons to make sure that they meet state and national standards. If you think teachers are the ones deciding to bombard children with homework, write your congressman. We are only doing what is expected of us so students can be knowledgeable members of society. Despite the hectic schedule, I still love my job -- some days more than others.

Special grace

I WISH my life were so complete and my soul so pure that all I had to worry about is what people wear to church. How does one attain that plateau of grace?

More training

WORLD WAR II was different from the war against terrorists. Back then the enemy wore a uniform that identified them as the other side. If someone from either side was caught engaging in action while out of uniform, they were executed on the spot. Thirteen weeks of training was plenty. All you did was shoot the person wearing the other uniform while trying to keep that person from shooting you. It's not that simple now. The enemy strikes out of nowhere and hides among women and children. If a soldier makes a mistake in the heat of the moment, he's tried as a war criminal. That's the reason they need more training.

Blue-collar party

THE RECENT book by David Limbaugh titled "Bankrupt" attacks the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has been attacked from all corners by Republican radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. This is the reason this country is so split. We must be one united America fighting this war on terror. It is obvious that there are certain people in the Republican Party who want a one-party system. I have found over the years that the Democratic Party stood beside the blue-collar workers of our nation. Mr. Limbaugh fails to talk about the 50 million-plus American workers currently without health insurance.

Color of smoke

THE COLOR of the smoke emitted from a smokestack, like the one found at Southeast Missouri State University's power plant, has nothing to do with the content of particulates in the smoke. Typically, the color of the smoke has more to do with where the coal is from than what contaminants are in the smoke. The power plant at SEMO is current with today's regulations or it wouldn't be operating.

Trigger terms

THE TERM "Islamo-Facist" is the silliest word I've ever heard and has little or no connection with reality. The Bush administration made it up because the American people are like Pavlov's dog and without fail respond to trigger words. I'm going to start referring to conservative groups who want to censor television and movies and teach creationism in school as "Christo-Facists." They shouldn't be offended, because they're not all like that, right?

Flying the flag

Flags should be at half-staff every day until this dreadful war is over. There are people being killed every day. They may not all be from this area, but neither were those people in New York.

Speaking out

I AM so thrilled to hear that Ray McGovern is coming to Cape Girardeau He's been speaking out against the lead-up to the war since 2002 at a time when the media and Congress would not listen to anything but the neocon war drums. It's past time that we hear other voices like his, voices of reason, reality and maturity. McGovern is the finest of these. I also take my hat off to the local citizens who are bringing him.

Spending black hole

A TOUGH anti-earmark spending bill would have a better chance of passing if the Democrats controlled the House. As pointed out in your Wall Street Journal reprint, the GOP has spent U.S. taxpayer dollars at such a stratospheric level that I fear our federal government may fall into a black hole from which there is no coming back.

Off-color comment

THE WARM-UP performer for Ronnie Milsap at the SEMO District Fair made an off-color, inappropriate comment about the pope. Mr. Milsap, who gave an outstanding performance, should publicly repudiate such comments.

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