Letter to the Editor

Proclaiming conservatives' agenda

Friday, September 15, 2006

To the editor:

Conservatives must rise up, say enough is enough and take a stand. A leftist agenda is infiltrating society as we sit idly by. Sure, we complain, forward e-mails and cry eternal damnation over coffee, but what can we really do? I believe it's time for conservatives to proclaim our agenda.

But how? We can't be counted in polls, because most polling is conducted during the workday when we're working instead of sitting at home eating veggie burgers, watching CNN and blogging 9-11 conspiracy theories. Our views can't be sensationally covered by the media at some Thursday afternoon protest march because we're busy raising families and working.

I think conservatives need to quit their jobs, abandon their families and take to the streets. We must degrade, belittle and attack the president. We must abandon our ethics, principles and ideology for the sake of gaining publicity through criticism. We must abandon logical thought and aim to please everyone. Maybe then we, as conservatives, could gain kid-gloves treatment by the media and have our agenda splattered all over print and visual media sources.

I'm being sarcastic, of course. What I just described is the left's midterm election plan. And this is what you'll get if liberals gain control of our government. You'll get Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House (third in line to assume the presidency) and her San Francisco political-social agenda. You'll get dialogue engagement with terrorists, Oval Office scandals and taxed even as you lay buried in the ground.