Speak Out 9/12/06

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Not so rosy

ECONOMIST number-crunchers headline some rosy stats about the number of jobs created, but the rest of the story is sobering. Average weekly earnings and median household incomes fell, while the number in poverty and uninsured rose. And no one will say how millions of illegal aliens factor into these stats.

Another nightmare

THE RIVER Campus may be a dream come true for some, but for most it's just another nightmare spawned by our local university. While tuition rockets, other departments are being neglected. With the River Campus, aquatic center and fountains, students and taxpayers are forced to pay for incredibly expensive pet projects that pad resumes and ultimately make a college degree more difficult to attain. Administrators should start thinking of students, and the governor and the legislature should start representing taxpayers instead of special interests.

They shouldn't die

A COUPLE of years ago, I sadly predicted to my family and friends that Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, was liable to be killed because he took too many chances. I had read in a magazine that 25 snake handlers, men who went into the bush in exotic countries looking for poisonous snakes and wild animals had been killed in the last 15 to 20 years and that most of them had been killed while doing work for the Discovery Channel. I think that's terrible. We know that there are poisonous snakes. We know where they are and their habitats. We know to stay away from them. People shouldn't have to die to show us nature.

Better schools

DID ANYBODY watch "20/20" on Sept. 1? It was about our public school systems' failing our children. Why is it when students do poorly it is the parents who get blamed? If they do great, it is the teacher. Charter schools would improve our school system greatly. The teachers would be fired if they don't teach. The students on "20/20" love going to these schools and their grades improved immensely.

Loss of power

I AM a Jackson resident. In one month's time since Aug. 9, our power has been off five times, twice in one day. We spend about a half-hour each time resetting everything. I wonder if our time is worth anything. Or is it like the doctor's office, where your time isn't worth mentioning. It is aggravating when you are out of town and everything is off.

Age-targeted school

MY CHILDREN were raised in a town that had age-targeted schools. Kindergarten, first and second grades were together, and third, fourth and fifth grades were together. It was wonderful. It eliminated social and economic-diversity issues. All of the children were expected to do well. There were powerful age-appropriate programs at these schools. My children received an excellent education.

No tax support

The public schools have to solicit private donations from residents because the public refuses to support the tax increases necessary to sustain a viable educational school system.

Do some research

People who are against Amendment 2 should do some research into what the proposal is about. Everyone who says Amendment 2 supports human cloning is wrong. Cloning is federally prohibited. Saying the amendment supports human cloning is a good example of people not knowing the facts and not remembering the whole fiasco that was brought about by Dolly the sheep.

Important issue

ROBERT A. Hrabik could not have said it any better. It is time to discontinue the lies and tell the truth on this issue of stem-cell research. Amendment 2 is important not only to his family, but to all families of Missouri.

Causing resentment

Were we asleep when the so-called hate-crimes laws were passed? Or perhaps we were not asked what we thought? An assault is an assault, regardless of the reason. How does one who has been attacked feel when his assailant is charged with a misdemeanor, but a hate-crime victim's assailant is charged with a felony? And how do the authorities determine with 100 percent certainty that a crime was committed against a minority because of hatred? This type of law tends to create more feelings of resentment, something apparently the media and the government want to keep alive for various reasons.

A good man

Joe Russell was a good man. He will be missed.

Reflectors reversed

The new pavement coming in to Jackson looks great, but whoever put the reflectors on put the westbound ones on backward. You can see them better in the rearview mirror than you can out of the windshield.

Reasons for obesity

Obesity is also genetic. It can also be caused by a thyroid problem or by taking extreme amounts of steroids due to other health issues. Not every overweight person is that way just because he overeats and makes bad food choices.

Out in the open

I agree that if the county commissioners decide to double tax us by not removing the road portion from our property taxes this year, we need to start a petition to revisit the sales-tax increase. Everything should be in the open, not hidden.

Rental savings

County Commissioner Jay Purcell stands to save money with a property-tax decrease since he owns rental property. Perhaps that will motivate him to make sure it is removed this year like it should be.

Take off blindfolds

Isn't it amazing as we approach the midterm elections in November how gasoline prices are coming down? This should tell us something if we will take our blindfolds off.

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