Jackson works to get PD and FD back home

Monday, August 11, 2003

It took a lot more than clicking their heels three times, but Jackson's police and firefighters are home in their headquarters complex that a May 6 tornado ripped apart.

These valiant men and women deserve congratulations. They managed to run their departments without shutting down for even an hour. The police moved into the old Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Department building, and the fire department moved into its administrative building, which wasn't design to support that many people and that much equipment.

But Jackson landed on its feet, as that city always does. Insurance covered the rebuilding of the complex at Hope Street and Highway 34-72, except for a $1,000 deductible. The new building has brighter lighting, an expanded bunk room and a new shower and laundry room.

Penzel Construction donated storage units for items recovered from the damaged complex, and the Bank of America donated several large pieces of office equipment.

It is truly an example of a great community working together to recover from disaster.

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