Letter to the Editor

Article, editorial were insensitive

Friday, September 1, 2006

To the editor:

The Aug. 17 article "Drinking, boating, dying" dealt with the death of our son in an insensitive way. I am writing now in response to the Aug. 26 editorial, "Drinking on the water."

Misinformation included in the story was an insult to our suffering family, and the editorial only reopened the wound. Why was it necessary to again bring up Caleb's accident in reference to an article focusing on driving a boat intoxicated? No boat was involved in his death.

Although alcohol contributed to Caleb's death, it was reported in an uncaring manner and was cruel to those who loved him. Caleb was a loving and caring person with an astounding sense of humor. He made a fatal mistake in drinking near water, but no one deserves to be forever judged by mistakes.

Alcohol is the most common contributor to drowning for young adults. The largest percent of deaths are not due to driving a boat while intoxicated, but being close to water while drinking is a deadly combination. When someone falls or jumps into water after consuming alcohol, intoxication is not even necessary for drowning. Such a person can go into a shock, quickly become disoriented and often doesn't even fight. This information needs to be shared. It may save someone's life.

Blue bracelets are being worn in Caleb's memory. Please wear them as a pledge to abstain from intoxication. Life is too precious.

The Rev. DENNY and THERESA LUMOS, Cape Girardeau