Letter to the Editor

Oran chiefs have different styles

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

To the editor:

Once again the Oran police chief is in the paper bringing up the way the town was run before he arrived. How many times is he going to beat that horse? How many times has the former chief been in the paper criticizing this new method? None, and he has had the chance. Chief Marc Tragesser was not here when my grandpa was working and does not know anything about what he did on a regular basis, so how can he compare their two methods of law enforcement?

Tragesser goes on about the way it was and acts like it was the wrong way of doing things and that my grandpa never did anything in all those years and that his way is so much better. How come I have never heard him criticize the mayor or city council members for allowing it to go on for so long? Is it that maybe there is more than one way to do a job and Tragesser is trying to put my grandpa's method down so he looks better?

The fact is, the approach to their job is totally different. I think someone should focus more on doing his job now and leave well enough alone, because the former chief, his family and friends are tired of picking up the paper and seeing his name or method being mentioned in the same sentence as the chief we have now.