Speak Out 8/25/06

Friday, August 25, 2006

Great response

KUDOS TO Cape Girar-deau Councilman John Voss. We phoned him about a concern the other day, and he came to our residence within 15 minutes. Can you imagine that? That's what I call good representation. I hope Voss has higher politcial aspirations. because his attentiveness to the concerns of his constituents is much more than commendatory.

Medical reasons

IN REFERENCE to the rally of the Christians against cloning concerning Amendment 2 reported by the Southeast Missourian, the reporting didn't give the medical basis for this position. The medical basis includes the idea that embryonic cells are human beings, as Dr. Michael Wulfers gladly presented in his slide presentation. Life begins with fertilization. If this the case, embryonic research is going to cause these living cells to be destroyed.

No naked teachers

A HIGH school teacher who poses nude on the Internet or for Playboy should be fired. There is no way to command the respect of high school boys or girls when you're doing such a thing. How sad it is that some woman would think that as a teacher it's OK to have pictures of her getting in and out of the shower. The naked news on cable is one thing, but naked teachers is a definite no.

Money grubbing

OSHA IS just another agency the federal government has to make money off of sweat of hard-working Americans who already pay more taxes than they can afford. My husband is a contractor who may have to close up shop because of more government control. The only reason he hasn't done so yet is because he hates laying off his good and loyal employees.

Medical payments

REGARDING THE article in the paper about emergency rooms: Even though signs are posted that say hospitals have to treat you, they don't say it's free. I've always been made, no matter what my income was, by the local hospitals to pay them. Should all the rest of us who work have to pay for everybody else's medical treatment? Don't make those who are barely making enough money have to pay for it all.

Religious cornerstone

IT'S EASY to understand why church leaders are against stem-cell research. If this research can be used to produce organs that are perfect matches for your body, you will live many more years. We'll be able to replace our parts and continue living for who knows how long. If this comes to pass, will people become complacent about death? I believe we have just found the rub. One of the cornerstones of all religion is the fear of death. Believe you me, churches would rather fight to the death than lose this hook. I believe religion is a good thing. I despise the business that's been made of it.

Warning to litterers

THIS IS to all of these littering slobs in Cape Girardeau and Cape Girardeau County. Effectively immediately, a driving family of four is going to be on the lookout for you litterers. If we spot anyone littering in this city or county, we're going to take down your license number and call the police.

Doctors' hours

WOULDN'T IT be neat if some doctors varied their office hours? Some would be open during the day and some in the evening hours. Then people wouldn't have to go the emergency room. We need doctors' offices with different hours, some open late and some open early.

Offensive shirts

SOME OF the shirts young men are wearing lately are profane. They're wearing them in public. Stores are selling these offensives shirts. Surely retailers will pull these shirts from our Christian community. It's disgusting to see people wearing shirts with sexual comments on them.

In the Dark Ages

I FIND the debate over stem-cell research to be alarming. Countries like China are making leaps and bounds over us in this technology. Meanwhile, our government and president deny our scientists the funding they need because they're afraid of losing the church vote come November. Are we going to let religious ignorance and superstition keep us in the Dark Ages while the rest of the world passes us by?

Where's the beef?

GIVEN THE knowledge from the front page article of the Southeast Missourian that "Missouri ranks second nationally in cow and calf production," why is it that it's difficult to find a restaurant that serves barbecued beef in this area? They mostly serve barbecue pork. I believe that the barbecue places and restaurants in Jackson and Cape Girardeau could serve more fish and beef than pork if they tried.

Gray matter

I LOVE Cape Girardeau, especially Speak Out. We're the only city that has such a fun time living in our glass houses and throwing our stones. All the whining, griping and moaning about how our neighbors who smoke, have garage sales and are making minimum wage makes us all feel like the rest of us are faultless, virtuous and have IQs over 100. Did you ever look in the mirror? We should thank the Lord that we have been blessed with enough gray matter in our heads. I got a master's degree, doing it the hard way by working my way through school as a divorced mom with no child support. Gray matter makes all the difference.

Serious problems

OUR MAYOR and city council should drop everything concerning the sign ordinance. Rescind it and be done with it. They can occupy their time with serious problems. I hope they have enough guts to pass an ordinance that bans the hiring and the housing of people who cannot verify that they are legal residents.

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