Speak Out 8/9/03

Saturday, August 9, 2003

Leave it alone

I'VE BEEN going to the Southeast Missouri State University football and basketball games for a long time. If they don't leave it the way it is, I'll never go to another game. And another thing, a lot of people have told me the same thing.

No time for vacation

I AM furious with the leader of this country. I nearly lunged out of my chair in outrage when I saw on the news that President Bush is taking yet another trip to Texas. A White House spokesman said the trip could be justified because he was taking key staff members with him. This is the man who is the commander in chief of our military and who put these men and women into harm's way where they are being killed on a daily basis. With our country in crisis, he finds it appropriate to take time off. There is absolutely no way this can be justified.

Time for good mascot

HOORAY FOR the Southeast Missourian and its editorial in Saturday's paper. Finally, somebody gets it. Southeast does not have an Indian mascot and hasn't had one in a long time. But the athletic teams deserve a mascot. It's time to let go of the Indian nickname and develop one that will provide a good mascot for Southeast's athletic teams.

Little cost involved

THIS IS for the caller who was lamenting the possible expense involved in changing Southeast's nickname from Indians to something else. Tell me where you can find Indians anywhere on the Southeast campus or in the athletic department. It's not on the stationery. It's not on the uniforms. You won't find one in the Show Me Center or on the track or the tennis courts or the volleyball court. The only place you'll see any evidence of Indians is in the end zone of the stadium. Once the nickname gets changed, Southeast will remove that with little cost to the university.

Don't try vandalism

THIS IS in response to the caller who suggested trying vandalism to solve the problem with the telephone pole on Mount Auburn Road. The poles do not belong to Southwestern Bell, and the city of Cape would have to pay to have these moved. Vandalism or even the mere threat of vandalism disrupting telephone service is punishable by a jail sentence and a fine until service is restored. I would not suggest vandalism.

Teaching to waste

I CAN'T believe students need all the supplies that were listed in the paper. My grandchild uses more paper in one week than I did in nine months. What are the erasers on the pencils for? Just throw that sheet away and get another clean sheet. Also, use crayons as long as you can hold them in your hand. There's too much waste today, and I blame the teachers for that. They'd better change their way of thinking and their way of teaching.

Using Saddam's cash

THIS IS to the person who was outraged when he heard that the United States had given a $30 million reward to the person who provided the whereabouts of Saddam Hussein's sons. I believe that money came from Saddam's money. From what I hear, it was not taken from our government.

No gum, please

HERE'S A tip from an old schoolteacher. Please, please don't have gum in your mouth in a public place. It shows one's lack of character. You may think you can hide it, but you cannot.

Good for Cape Girardeau

LIKE IT or not, the bars are what attract people to go downtown in Cape Girardeau in the evening. At least Cape Girardeau's doing it with class. There is a microbrewery and good restaurants downtown. In the day, it's fairly easy to get parking. At night, it's harder because at least the downtown is vibrant. People like the night life. From what I can tell, people behave in a reasonable manner. It seems like it's good for Cape Girardeau.

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