Letter to the Editor

Paper puts fraternity in bad light

To the editor:

A fellow Pi Kappa Alpha alumnus sent me the link to the article on two men target shooting at the Pike Lodge. It did not say if they were fraternity members, but if they are not, I fail to see the relevance of making mention of the fact it is a fraternity-owned property. As a member of Pi Kappa Alpha, I cannot control the fact that people sometimes trespass and do stupid things. That being said, I am not sure why you could not have simply listed the address and left the name of the fraternity out of the paper.

Pi Kappa Alpha does a lot of philanthropic and charitable events in the Cape Girardeau region that often times go unnoticed by your publication. However, if there is something negative that happens regarding Pi Kappa Alpha or any other Greek organization, the media are quick to report those findings. I encourage you and your staff to take notice of the good things Greek organizations do for the university and community and report those stories at least as much as you report the negative events that may happen.