Fan Speak Aug20

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Coaching changes

IT IS ridiculous that Central schools -- and Jackson for that matter -- are allowing coaches to leave their positions this late in the game. These people signed contracts and should be held to them. Having to find someone this late is not good for the programs, which in turn is not good for our kids -- and isn't that who the coaches are there for? We're not here to accommodate the coaches and their plans. Hold these people to their contracts.

Privileges of fame

I DON'T think it was right that Bob Gibson used his celebrity as a former Cardinals pitcher to sit in the dugout at the Capahas games at the National Baseball Congress World Series. Do other fathers ask for and get permission to sit in the dugout? Shame on Gibson, and shame on Capahas manager Jess Bolen for saying yes and feeling honored to do so.

Early start

If the first day Missouri high schools were allowed to have practice for fall sports was Aug. 7, could someone explain why a high school football team was on the practice field more than a week before that date? The coaches were there, the players were doing drills, and they were in uniform.

(Summer camps.)

Something fishy

WHAT HAPPENED to your coverage of the catfish tournament that took place on the Mississippi River on Aug. 12? The Aug. 13 edition showed a catfish, but this was not the winning fish. The caption said the tournament was won by a 55-pound catfish, but you did not tell the name of the person who won and there was no article. Also, a world-class living legend and outdoor host, Bill Dance, was in town for a couple of days and fished in the tournament. He mixed with the crowd and gave autographs after the contest. It would have been a good time for pictures, an interview and an article on river catfishing.

(Agreed. The photo in question appeared on Page 8A in the news section. The best way to improve the chances that an event -- even an annual event -- is covered in sports is to let someone in the department know about it roughly 10 to 21 days in advance.)

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