Speak Out 8/20/06

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Class envy

RECENT COMMENTS illustrate the mindset of liberals. They accuse people who work hard and take advantage of the opportunities in this wonderful country of being handed a silver platter. Then they claim those who squander their time and end up in minimum-wage jobs are unlucky. Once again liberals use class envy to spread their lies.

Wasted opportunity

I WONDER where my silver platter is. I was raised the son of a Baptist minister. We moved from town to town and had no money or social status. I have no education beyond high school, yet I haven't worked a job that paid minimum wage since 1977. Why? Because instead of looking for excuses and people to blame, I applied myself and worked hard. I'm sure there are a few people who have had bad breaks that have kept them down. If you're and adult working for minimum wage, it is most likely because you wasted your opportunities.


I STRONGLY suggest we make the entire city of Cape Girardeau a smoke-free city. Why such a bold move? Last week, as I'm driving into town, we all come to a stop at an intersection. The driver in the car in front of me rolls down her window, blows out a huge billow of smoke and flicks her cigarette butt into the grassy median. My first concern was for a grass fire. But then I see the enormous collection of cigarette butts in the gutter along the curb. It was incredible. The only group to blame (and ban) is smokers. What gives them the right to litter?

Rustic culture

I AGREE with the comment that Cape Girardeau should quit the petty squabbles. If we all come together, maybe we could become a city that takes pride not only in our rustic nature, but our culture as well. Our children deserve the best, no matter who they are. The future is in our own hands.

Sign discussion

THE CITY council should concern itself with the economy of this city and what the economic impact of sign restrictions will be on business. Yard sales do not generate any tax revenue, nor do they require a license. Yard sales take away from the legitimate business owners, so I do not understand a council that would burden the people of Cape Girardeau with having this discussion about yard sale signs. The council should set priorities and stop spending its time on an ordinance that would take an army to enforce.

Does what it wants

WHY DOES everything have to be someone's fault? Trying to blame a government agency for a sandbar is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. That old river has been going where it wants and doing what it wants to for centuries despite all the efforts of man. I'm surprised no one has tried to blame the sandbar on President Bush.

A little extra

TO THE parents complaining about having to buy tissues and wipes for their children, consider this. My husband and I decided not to have children, yet we pay the same amount of school taxes you do. Please stop whining about the incidentals. I guarantee you we spend more on school taxes, without receiving the same benefits, than you do on classroom supplies. If it's too hard on you financially to buy a few extra supplies, maybe you should have reconsidered before you chose to have children. If we can handle paying these school taxes that benefit your children, surely you can handle a little extra too.

School food rules

WE ATTENDED the Oran school's open house. We received a list of approved food my child can eat at school. The schools are adopting a state healthy food plan. Students are not allowed soda, gum, candy, Kool-Aid, flavored water, carbonated water or fruit drinks. The only thing they are allowed to drink on campus is water, milk and Gatorade. My child took his lunch most of the time last year. If a child takes items not on the approved list, we were told the teachers would take them from them. Both my husband and have college educations. We are not an overweight family, and we all have been checked for cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, you name it. I believe we know what's best for our child. I certainly hope the state and the school are making sure the coffee pots are removed from the teachers' lounge and principal's offices as well as banning all smoking by teachers. You can't preach what you don't practice.

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