Letter to the Editor

No slacks for CHS girls in 1943

Friday, August 18, 2006

To the editor:

Reading about the controversy regarding the dress code at Central High School got me to thinking of my high school days.

In 1943, I was a junior at Central, and I don't remember having any kind of dress code. All students dressed nice. Girls wore skirts, sweaters, bobby socks and saddle-oxford shoes. Boys wore shirts, sweaters and nice pants. We had no T-shirts nor sweatshirts with printing on them.

One no-no at Central was that girls could not wear slacks. I had a pair and decided I would wear them to school one day in winter, hoping the teachers wouldn't notice. I did OK until I got to Mrs. Lucille Naeter's class, and she definitely noticed. She told me and the rest of the class exactly how she felt about my attire, which wasn't good. I wasn't sent home, but I was told not to ever wear slacks to school again. And I didn't.

How times have changed.