Letter to the Editor

It's time to stop the failed leaders

Thursday, August 17, 2006

To the editor:

World politics has arrived at the absurd. Iran has decided to sponsor a cartoon contest in which submitters may dis the Holocaust. I'm not surprised, really, as leaders of various countries around the world have shown their immaturity of late.

President Bush is definitely included in this group. Remember "Bring it on!"? Iran's president is a mental case. Israel's prime minister thought he could wipe out Hezbollah in a few hours. Hezbollah's leader advocates killing all those who disagree with his way of thinking. And the leaders of some African countries would sacrifice all of their constituents in order to stay in power.

Where are the Reagans, the Sadats, the Begins, the Mandellas, the Carters?

I am tired of the posturing, the sacrificing of our young, the pointless waste of lives, in the name of ... what?

Kofi Annan is a joke at the head of a laughable organization. We tolerate the Amins, the Putins, the Ahmadinejads and so many others who prey upon their own citizens and others in order to advance their agenda.

Our problems don't stem from the citizenry. They stem from the leadership. We and other peoples across the globe have stupidly elected cowboys who have one thought in mind: to make a name and establish a positive page in history for themselves.

I think it is time for us, the people who must make this world work to take control, to do away with those who would forward the notion of supremacy by elimination.

JOHN JUSITS, Cape Girardeau