Speak Out 8/15/06

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Why no AC in gym?

AS A parent of a middle school student in Cape Girardeau, I would like to say that the back-to-school night this year was wonderful. I am excited about my child's being a part of such an innovative and positive learning environment. But perhaps school officials can tell me why our gym is the only facility in the district not air-conditioned?

Entry rules

CONFUSING SYMPATHY for individual illegal immigrants with common sense immigration laws is morally wrong. Most will agree that even heaven -- a most compassionate place -- has entrance requirements.

Works both ways

OUR GREAT-grandparents' being immigrants not only doesn't make us a "nation of immigrants," it doesn't make us a nation of idiots either.

Blame Islam

YOUR NEWSPAPER and TV are both trying to minimize the relationship between Islam and the terrorists. The headline should be: "Islamic murderers try to blow up airplanes." We need to identify the terrorists and know who is trying to kill us. We have decided that it is immoral to print cartoons about Islam or to tell the truth about Islamic fanatics who want to murder.

Keeping his word

I VOTED for the county sales-tax increase because of the promise of a citizens advisory board being involved in paving county roads. Now that it has passed and Larry Bock no longer needs our support, he is trying to downplay the citizens advisory board's involvement. I wonder if Bock understands that the very residents that he chooses to silence are the ones he represents. Jay Purcell has kept his word and has battled Bock on having residents involved.

Helping hand

TO THE two kind gentlemen at Basic Fuel in Cape Girardeau on Wednesday, thank you for helping pump gas from the girl with a broken ankle on crutches. It's nice to see there are people kind enough to lend a helping hand.

Easy transition

KUDOS TO Jackson Junior High School for an organized student orientation. There was a lot of thought put into making this an easy transition for parents and students. Thanks to the principal and staff for their time and effort.

A good man

TOO BAD Jackson has lost a good man for the job of county clerk. He has been an excellent mayor and has put Jackson on the map. It's too bad when a few people in higher positions can cause a defeat. I've lived in Jackson most of my life. Paul Sander and the mayors of Cape Girardeau have learned to work together for each of their cities.

Degrading action

WHEN YOUNG people try to make a living and struggle to make their business grow and survive, it is not polite to degrade them and publicly say how stupid they were not to have made it when they fail. Some people are handed silver platters. Other people aren't. Sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you don't. I have no respect for people who think they are the ritzy people of the city and degrade people they think are beneath them. Shame on you.

Lack of caring

IT'S NOT right to judge people and say they have a problem if they're 25 and working for minimum wage. You don't know the backgrounds of these people. Who has a problem is those who don't care about others who are in unfortunate situations.

Fight for change

HAS THE council lost touch? Real estate signs, business signs and political signs all seem to fall in the same category: big fish in a big pond. Garage-sale direction signs seem to stand alone without council support and fall into the small-fish category. A recent change was requested by the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce, which had received numerous complaints from business owners that the new restrictions on advertising hurt their business. Consequently, the council stepped up and amended the ordinance to support business owners. Complaints regarding placement of garage-sale signs seem to be falling on deaf ears. I enjoy garage sales. Property owners, by ordinance, are required to maintain the area the council is referring to as city right-of-way. If property owners allow you to place signs in their yard, then it should be allowed. Contact your council person and get the sign ordinance changed or removed from the books.

Disappointing coverage

I'M DISAPPOINTED with the coverage on Mollie's changing ownership and with the councilwoman's husband that's in some difficulty. I feel that both of those articles were written more like the National Enquirer than a factual news story. And I hate to see that happen in a newspaper that's supposed to just report the news.

Travel questions

I HAVE a question about the new airport security. Once you've cleared security, are officials going to close all gift shops inside the airport that sell all the things that have been banned? My other question is, are they going to come up with some way you can carry on sealed bottles? You and I both know airlines lose luggage. And now you can't carry anything on to get by. You have to buy all new again which is expensive in a travel area or resort area. What are they going to do with all the shampoo and perfume they have confiscated?

No surprise

AS A parent of children previously enrolled at Eagle Ridge Christian School, I have to say that I'm not surprised by the article about the hiring, suspending and firing of the new principal. I am, however, surprised that school officials asked the parent who blew the whistle to leave. That strict, self-serving interpretation of Scripture has been evident for quite some time at Eagle Ridge. With all the quality educational administrators in our area, why did the school have to hire someone from Ontario?

Asking too much

I WORK with a woman who takes her children to an early learning center and she has to furnish the center with school supplies such as Tylenol, Q-tips, Band-Aids, construction paper, glue, crayons, markers, baby wipes (for art projects), masking tape to hang the art projects up -- and the list goes on. I think this is ridiculous. She pays a lot of money to send her child there, and the center gets grants and other funds but still expects the parents to supply these things.

Foregone conclusions

MOVE OVER, Quasimodo. It's time for me to ring those bells. Thursday's Speak Out column infuriated me. According to three comments, 1. teachers should marry only in June or July while attending their continuing education classes, 2. teachers are allowed to have back problems only in June or July while attending their continuing education classes and are on their honeymoon, 3. substitutes should determine the reading levels of students, 4. if your son if failing basic math because of a learning disability, be sure to blame the whole school system, 5. don't ask a child to bring tissues to school, and 6. "Children should learn to take care of their belongings" sounds nice, but be real. Consider it a good day if they remember to bring their textbooks.

Smoking teachers

I CANNOT believe employees are banned from smoking at a hospital, but the employees of a child-care center can smoke on the playground where the children can see. The employees are supposed to be role models for our children. What are the smokers teaching our children?

No pity party

TO THE teachers who spent nearly a week attending an all-expenses-paid convention starting at 8 a.m. and working till 3:45 p.m. with a break for luncheons -- all without being paid extra: Check your makeup and join the rest of the world. We work 8 to 5 every day for our regular pay, and our expenses aren't ever paid for us. Give us a break with the pity party.

Sing and shout

WHY THE concern about being disruptive in church? Church is a place to be disruptive: sing, shout, celebrate and holler about the Holy Ghost. Many of you all are too uptight and reserved, making it that much more difficult for the Spirit to save your troubled soul.

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