Cape police: Nude man tried to get officer's weapon

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Suspect attacks Cape lawman, Tasered twice before being subdued.

A nude man attacked a police officer, attempted to grab his sidearm and was Tasered twice before officers were able to restrain him at a Cape Girardeau trailer park.

A police officer responding to a call of an attempted break-in at 606 S. Silver Springs Road at 3:09 p.m. Sunday saw a naked man walking in the trailer park, police spokesman Jason Selzer said.

As the officer was getting out of his car, the 52-year-old man walked toward the vehicle, reached in and grabbed the officer, Selzer said. The man allgedly attempted to drag the officer out the open door, screaming at him to leave.

The officer pushed the attacker away, who then charged and slammed the officer into the side of the vehicle, denting the car's rear left-side door, Selzer said.

The officer drew his Taser gun and fired, but the assailant pulled the prongs from his body and charged again at the officer, according to Selzer.

The man grabbed at the officer's neck, the two struggled and fell to the ground. While on the ground, the man attempted to grab the officer's handgun, Selzer said. The officer struck the man's face with his forearm and was able to put the suspect's arms behind his back.

A second officer arrived, Tasered the suspect and handcuffed him, Selzer said. Even when cuffed, the man continued to kick, scream and tried to strike the officers.

"There was no complying here at all," Selzer said, adding the officers told the suspect several times to obey their commands.

Believing the man to be under the influence of drugs, officers took him to a local hospital, according to Selzer. He remained hospitalized as of Monday night.

Charges against the man were under review, but none had been filed, according to Selzer.

The officer was not seriously injured.

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