Speak Out 8/11/06

Friday, August 11, 2006

Take cover

I URGE all members to take the necessary precautions. Publishing such truths as Jonah Goldberg's column assailing farmers as welfare kings on tractors may provoke a pitchfork rebellion directed at the editorial staff of the Southeast Missourian.

Hidden tattoo

I WAS taught that you shouldn't impose stereotypical opinions on people you don't know. Just because a person has a tattoo doesn't mean he is dirty or uneducated. I have one that is covered most of the time, and if you didn't know I had it, you'd never suspect otherwise.

History repeats

BACK IN the Eugene Sifford/Dallas Albers era in the 1970s, the Cape Girardeau School District experimented with a restrictive dress code. It was an unmitigated disaster, leading to extreme diversion of time away from educating kids in an ongoing, ultimately futile effort to enforce the dress code. One would think the current Cape school board would be aware of this debacle, but apparently not. Those who know nothing of history are condemned to repeat it.

Try cooperating

I HAVE some advice for the mother who is worried about supplying other children in her child's class with various supplies: Do what is requested and realize that some parents will do just what is asked of them, some parents will do nothing, and yet others will gladly and quietly do more than what is expected or required. I have three children and always try to help out the teachers whenever possible as well as other students who might not be as fortunate as others. We're not rich by any means, but it does feel good to give whenever possible. You need to let it go and get over it. There are more important things in this world to worry about.

Sick part of Islam

AN ORGANIZATION vows to destroy your country for years, sends suicide bombers and rockets and kidnaps people all in the name of God: This is the problem Israel has had with radical Islam. Where was the U.N. for all those years? Where was the news media? Where was Europe? Where were liberals who make excuses for these killers? People don't accept we are in a war with a sick part of a religion. Where are the true believers of Islam? They are not facing this problem in their midst.

Buying supplies

IN RESPONSE to the parent complaining about buying school supplies that the whole class would share: If people would vote for bond issues, schools would have enough funding to buy these supplies and would not have to get parents to buy them.

Teaching English

I WAS reading the Sunday story about the Spanish-speaking children who are taught English at the Cobden Head Start Center. But the story also says that the teacher was singing to the children in Spanish. Why would she be singing to the children in Spanish while teaching them the English language?

Reasons to leave

AS A Central High School teacher who was part of the turnover this year, I would like to refute the caller's suggestion that the reason for the turnover was related to the leadership at CHS. During my tenure as CHS, I was always supported by Dr. Mike Cowan. His integrity, fairness and enthusiasm were apparent in his communications with us. He initiated a weekly letter that kept us informed while praising the efforts of groups and individuals. Most of the turnover was related to retirement. What motivated me to consider retirement was the plethora of unmotivated students whose disruptive behavior made learning difficult and the parents who failed to take responsibility for their son's or daughter's behavior. Teachers' salaries below the state and national average are not enough to compensate for the increasing responsibilities.

Oil is corrosive?

I WOULD like to have some engineers explain to us how a lubricant like crude oil can erode holes in a pipeline. Since we haven't had any hurricanes, this looks like another trick by Big Oil.

Starting at the bottom

A LOT of people don't understand that the minimum wage is a starting point in your life. High school kids work for minimum wage. College kids work for minimum wage. If you're 25 years old and still working for minimum wage, you have a problem, and you certainly shouldn't be getting married and starting a family.

Time for action

JUST AS I suspected, Mayor Jay Knudtson and his cohorts have bypassed the yard-sale sign issue until another date. When that date comes, will they pass on it again? It looks as if they are hoping to drag their feet until winter when the signs will be a forgotten issue. Not so. A few minutes more would solve the yard-sign issue. Get the concrete out of your shoes. Let's see some action and not just words.

Not representative

A MAYOR who confesses to "not listening to part of a debate" and who declares "I've lost patience" is not a representative of the people.

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