Letter to the Editor

No plan forthcoming from Democrats

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

To the editor:

At election time, please consider how your vote will play into the national political landscape. While party affiliation means little at the local level (other than sign color or logo), it means much at the state and national level.

A vote for a state Democratic candidate provides allies and support for the likes of Pelosi, Murtha and Schumer. While some Democratic candidates share some of the American heartland's values, morals, and ideology, I believe that the aforementioned names do not. Nancy Pelosi, if given the proper support and power by a Democratic Party, could serve as the Senate majority leader, which would make her third in line to serve the people as president. (Regardless of what anyone thinks of our president, no rational individual can feel at ease muttering "President Pelosi.")

Both major parties have earned their share of criticism. However, it's much easier to criticize decision makers. The Democratic Party is dysfunctional at best and stands poised to lead us back into a time when we catered to instead of confronted terrorists, a time when we catered to criminals instead of confronted crime, a time when we catered to the welfare state instead of confronted the issue of welfare.

The Democrats promised the American voters they would announce their so-called New Direction for America and explain their plan to the American voters. They have failed to do so. Their plan is merely a press release devoid of any factual information, supportive agenda or action plans.