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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

News that the Cape Girardeau Post Office is targeted to move back to its Frederick Street facility after more than two years at cramped temporary quarters on Christine Street was welcome -- except for the fact that the Frederick Street facility presents its own set of problems, particularly a lack of parking, to postal patrons.

When the main post office was closed for major repairs (approximately $1.5 million total), there were strong hopes the facility might be permanently relocated in a more central location. Instead, the U.S. Postal Service chose to open a branch facility in a convenience store on North Kingshighway.

Throughout the process, communication between local and federal officials has been limited, even though Cape Girardeau officials tried to get their case heard.

It's a shame that while the postal service was spending $1.5 million that it didn't seek more input from local mail patrons.

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