Former senator, astronaut Glenn hospitalized after accident

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Former senator and astronaut John Glenn and his wife were recovering at a hospital Saturday after a car accident a day earlier, Glenn's former press secretary said.

Glenn, 85, and his wife, Annie, 86, were in fair condition Saturday afternoon at Grant Medical Center, nursing supervisor Louis Tejada said. They were expected to be released today after a few final tests, said Dale Butland, a friend of the couple who formerly worked for Glenn.

Glenn and his wife were returning home from a fund raiser at a suburban Columbus country club late Friday when he tried to make a left turn onto a highway ramp, Butland said.

"He saw a lot of cars in the distance, but did not see this car that was right up on him," Butland said.

The oncoming car hit the front end of Glenn's car. The driver was not injured and told The Columbus Dispatch that Glenn was "very sincerely sorry."

Police cited Glenn for failure to yield, Butland said.

Butland said Glenn was sore, especially in the chest where he was hit when his car's air bag deployed. He and his wife suffered bumps and bruises.

"They are very, very grateful that nobody was hurt more seriously, including the other party involved in the accident," Butland said.