Bledsoe, Owens still working to get on same page

Thursday, August 3, 2006

After a deep ball that didn't come close in a drill without defenders, a pass that was underthrown in double coverage and one that went high, wide and out of bounds, Drew Bledsoe must have sensed frustration rising in Terrell Owens.

So the Dallas Cowboys quarterback made a pre-emptive strike Wednesday morning. Soon after they went to the sideline, Bledsoe went looking for Owens, walking about 50 yards merely to give him an encouraging pat on the rear.

"Every day is a day of improvement," Owens said. "If we take a step back, we go back to the drawing board and we try to correct our mistakes and build on those the next day. Every day is critical, but it's no reason to panic right now."

The early session Wednesday in Oxnard, Calif., was the second straight in which Bledsoe and Owens were out of whack.

"We're getting there," Owens said. "We're not there yet, but as I said from Day 1, this is what training camp and practice is all about. We're not going to get it done in one day, a week."

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