Speak Out A 08/06/03

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Right to complain

I'M SURE those people in Scott City knew they were moving next to a railroad. I lived one-half block from the railroad for six years even though the trains shook the house, rattled things off the shelves and woke me up several times. I still have the right to complain about it, don't I?

Plenty of evil

"WHEN THERE is evil, we have a responsibility to suppress it," said a Speak Out caller. If so, we'd better reinstitute the draft real fast, because there's a heck of a lot of evil in the world.

The gifted future

WHEN I was in school, it was a cool thing to be smart. To make good grades, go to college, and be at the top of your class was something to be proud of. Nowadays, sports programs are spending so much of the money allotted to education. It will be the bright kids who make changes in the future. These sports kids will be the ones selling used cars, standing behind bars and serving us our super-sized fries.

Reflexes are slow

THANK YOU for the editorial concerning safe driving. I hope my dad reads it before he drives again. I would trust him driving a railroad engine, but his reflexes are a little slow for automobiles.

Double standard

THE SOUTHEAST Missourian dismisses criticism of President Bush's misinformation in his State of the Union speech as provoking nothing but partisan political responses and, by implication, meaning little or nothing. Had these words been uttered by Bill Clinton, the Southeast Missourian would be screaming for his resignation and removal from office.

Learning a lesson

FAVORING A prescription drug benefit for the elderly reflects what a Speak Out caller referred to as "Democrat tendencies." There are indeed a lot of cocky, young GOP whippersnappers politicians in the district served by U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson. I would like to see one of these neophytes challenge Emerson in the Republican primary, because they generally are so egotistical they need more than a little comeuppance. Emerson is much too modest to even think of responding in such a fashion, but I don't mind. Bring 'em on.

Donations in peril

I THINK it's interesting that the comments to keep the university mascot as the Indian seem to outnumber those for the change. Perhaps the university should take note. After all, It may cost a few million to change the mascot. On the other hand it, could cost the goodwill of an unknown number of alumni who might vote by declining to use their checkbooks.

Leave it alone

I THINK political correctness is way out of hand and is being used by a minority who want things their way all the time. Can't you see where it is going to lead? If we get an animal mascot, PETA will be up in arms about that. There is no appeasing everyone. So just leave it alone. It was good enough when I was in college there 30 years ago, and they are still honorable mascots.

New boss looks familiar

MAYBE THE reason there are no Islamic democracies in the Mideast is because the United States prefers to work with friendly dictators. From overthrowing democratically elected leaders in CIA-sponsored coups (Syria, 1949 and Iran, 1953) to supporting repressive monarchies (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait) to overthrowing unfriendly dictators (Iraq, 1963 in a CIA-sponsored coup that first brought the Ba'ath party, including young Saddam, to power), the United States has worked hard for the past several decades to establish dictatorial control over the region. Now people are starting to talk of installing another strongman autocrat to rule Iraq so U.S. troops can leave. Meet the new boss. He's the same as the old boss.

Shoes are a fixture

IS ANYONE going to take down those shoes hanging from the power lines over the street in the 1000 block of Broadway?

Not so grand

REPUBLICANS BETTER look out next year. Cape Girardeau is one of the most conservative towns in the country, yet I hear and read many negative sentiments people have about our current economic and geopolitical crisis. But the Democratic Party must stay united both here in Missouri as well as in Washington. We must continue to be progressive, because people are starting to realize that the GOP just isn't so grand.

Lot's of good food

SCOTT CITY has plenty of fine dining with Burger King, Larry's 24, Rhodes 101, Sonic, Bob's Foodliner, Soups and Sweets, Pizza Pro, Midtown Cafe, Casey's and Ice Cream Corner. Customer service is what each one of these businesses thrives on. They are owned and operated by well-known Scott Citians.

Defining correctness

I HEARD a good definition of political correctness. It's an opinion thoughtful people hold that right-wingers reject. A second definition: Political correctness is the sort of respect and common decency that right-wingers no longer practice.

Engineering viewpoint

WHEN YOU start burrowing into the foundation of the Constitution, you weaken the structure.

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