Letter to the Editor

Ethanol plants affect living standard

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

To the editor:

I want to let people know what they are agreeing to if they allow an ethanol plant come into this area without assurance from the company that it is not going to affect our standard-of-living conditions and air we breath. It seems to me nobody has talked to surrounding community leaders about this plant and what effects it will have on the standard of living we enjoy today.

I have done some research on ethanol plants and have read comments that they smell potent like yeast, making it difficult to breath, causing eyes to water and producing headaches and nausea. The comment from one fellow living close to a plant says at least it is not as bad as a hog farm, but close.

My question to the people of Cape Girardeau and Scott City: Are 50 jobs worth our standard of living we have? We must take this in consideration and ask our elected officials these questions before we have a plant stuffed down our throats and are forced to live next to a corn-liquor still.