Letter to the Editor

Ameren, Guard workers deserve credit

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

To the editor:

Our families -- who live in the St. Charles, St. Louis and East St. Louis area -- and my husband and I, who and were caught in the recent windstorms that paralyzed these communities, would like to applaud the AmerenUE workers, along with the National Guard and all other volunteers who helped restore electricity and clean up.

It was a battlefield of fallen power lines and trees with the blistering sun and temperatures above 100 degrees as they worked 16-hour shifts or more to restore power to more than half a million customers. It was heartwarming to see convoys of workers traveling to these areas as we headed to the Kansas City area.

Also, we would like to express our sympathy to the families of loved ones who lost their lives during their job performance and all other workers who were injured on the job while giving their time and energy to the cause.

JUDITH A. WEBER, Cape Girardeau