Speak Out 7/27/06

Thursday, July 27, 2006

More taxes to follow

WHAT HAPPENS if Proposition 1 passes and every inch of county road gets paved? Will the extra sales tax end? Folks living on gravel roads and complaining about the dust are so anxious to get their roads paved that they can't see what's going to happen after their roads get paved. All I see in our future is more tax piled on top of more taxes. Let's stop this now.

And achievement too

TEACHERS TAKE a lot of things into consideration when doling out grades. Personal biases, the socioeconomic background of the student, the degree of political influence of the parents both within and outside the school, the student's popularity and the degree to which the student conforms to middle-class values are only a few. A significant number of teachers also mix in student academic achievement.

Matter of opinion

"TJ GREANEY overstepped his job as a columnist" for offering his opinion on Rush Limbaugh. I swear that was published in Speak Out. It disappointed me in the sense that I thought all Speak Out contributors were intelligent enough to know that offering opinions is what columnists do. Perhaps the commentator was simply upset because TJ's opinion didn't conform to his.

County roads

BACK WHEN Charlie Sander was a county commissioner, county roads were beautifully maintained. The roads were graded regularly, and new gravel was spread several times throughout the year. The roads department came out to repair any damage or gullies that popped up after heavy rains. Even the roadside embankments were trimmed and rid of tall weeds. Why is it now, in less than 20 years, road maintenance is considered too expensive and we are all being told the only answer is to have paved roads? When the roads were first maintained by the overseer of each township, it was for the purposes of having farm-to-market access. Then dirt and rock roads changed to gravel so that school buses could reach every child in the district. The true purposes now for paved roads are only for the personal greed of a few housing developers and the need for speed of a few crazy drivers. County commissioners have been allowed to run amok. Voters gave them their job, and we should not have to pay for their mistakes.

Roaming dog

THE CITY is so worried about yard sale signs. I wonder what it takes to get roaming dogs off the street? I live on the end of South Pacific Street in a quiet neighborhood with mostly good neighbors. But one neighbor lets his dog roam free, tearing up everyone's trash and jumping on kids.

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