Letter to the Editor

Too much noise can be dangerous

Thursday, July 27, 2006

To the editor:

Joe Sullivan is so right about the noise level from music and TVs everywhere you go in Cape Girardeau.

I'm new here. My first visit to a doctor's office and a dentist included a TV blaring in the waiting room and music in the patient rooms. I could hardly hear the nurses or doctors. The chance of misunderstanding what they were saying was great and could lead to serious medical mistakes.

I spend as little time as possible in the grocery store. The rock 'n' roll is awful.

Eating out in Cape Girardeau can be a nightmare. Customers talking, service sounds and loud music make it impossible to hear your dinner partner.

It has been established that constant loud noises in the workplace can lead to hearing loss. Businesses in Cape Girardeau need to think about the welfare of their employees as well as the comfort of their customers.

At least shut the racket off on certain days or during certain hours to we can do business in peace.

LEA WASHBURN, Cape Girardeau