Letter to the Editor

Kids in streets are safety concern

Thursday, July 27, 2006

To the editor:

I have recently noticed younger children in the streets of south Cape Girardeau. I have also failed to notice street signs that read "Caution: Children at play." I also fail to notice policing in this area.

I am a cautious driver. However, not everyone is a cautious driver. These children are unsupervised. Some are supervised by siblings not much older than they are.

Some of these children barely clear the bumper of my car. There are times I see or hear cars driving fast through these neighborhoods. This is not a good mixture.

There needs to be more caution signs posted as well as more patrols. There also needs to be more action taken toward the parents or guardians of these neglected children in form of fines, penalties and education.

MARTIN WERNER, Cape Girardeau