Bonds' trainer prepared for more jail time

Thursday, July 27, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO -- Lawyers for Barry Bonds' personal trainer say he'd rather go back to prison for a third time than take part in the grand jury investigation of his childhood friend for tax evasion and perjury.

Fresh off a 15-day jail term for refusing to cooperate in an earlier phase of the probe, Greg Anderson is expected to be called today before a new grand jury investigating the San Francisco Giants slugger. But the trainer is expected to renew his vow of silence.

"He's resigned to do whatever it takes to maintain his integrity," said Paula Canny, an attorney and close friend of Anderson.

Anderson was released from prison last week on the same day prosecutors announced a grand jury investigating Bonds had expired without issuing an indictment. The new grand jury quickly was assembled, and Anderson received what was believed to be the first subpoena.

If he again refuses to testify, he'll be hauled in front of a federal judge who will demand to know why he should be excused from testifying to a grand jury.

Since Anderson's legal arguments remain the same, the judge likely will send the trainer back to prison.

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