Garden club makes Chateau bloom

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Chateau Garden club was formed recently to beautify and maintain the existing Chateau Gardens while encouraging residents to create beauty in their own window boxes and on balconies.

The group's mission is achieved with the help of Master Gardeners and through the exchange of information between one another. The Chateau's own Master Gardener, Marge Bauerle has directed and planned the focus of the group's work: the Assisted Living Courtyard.

Programs have included "Herbs" by Master Gardener, Carol Koehler, "Lilies, Sun, Water, Earth" by Joan Slaughter, "A Few Blooms," by Sina Kaiser.

A raised flower bed was in bloom by July 6, the result of much weeding, planting, spraying, fertilizing and watering. More than 60 residents from Independent Living, Chateau Estates, Residential Care, Assisted Living and the Health Center enjoyed the outdoor sanctuary where an open house was held.

Chateau Girardeau Garden Club members are Virginia Bailey, Marge Bauerle, Bette Bell, Carol Blue, Earl Buerek, John Dumont, Alice Graefe, Wyn Hirsch, Winnie Jolly, Ed Kaiser, Sina Kaiser, Margaret McKinnis, Dan Neely, Geneva Oliver, Carmen Robertson, Juanita Sifford, Joan Slaughter, Marie Stalon and Mildred Younghouse.

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