Candidates ready finance records with Aug. 8 primary nearing

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Republican candidates for the Missouri House strongly led their Democratic opponents in fund-raising and money on hand during the most recent three-month reporting period.

Those elections are months away. In elections closer at hand, the money is almost evenly split in the GOP primary for Cape Girardeau County clerk.

And in Scott County, incumbent Judge David Mann has a substantial advantage over Democratic primary opponent Scott Horman while current county commissioner Jamie Burger lags behind former Sikeston school board president Glenn Pinkerton in the race for presiding commissioner.

Reports detailing campaign fund-raising and spending were due Monday afternoon. The Aug. 8 primary will settle several races where no opponent from a competing party has filed.

In Cape Girardeau County, Republican voters will chose between Kara Clark, sales director for the Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Paul Sander, mayor of Jackson, to be the next county clerk.

Clark raised $15,509 during the three-month reporting period covering April 1 to June 30. Sander, meanwhile, raised $10,340 in the same period but his cash balance was boosted by $8,138 left over from his past campaigns for office.

Despite raising less than his opponent, a political newcomer, Sander said he's satisfied. "We have raised that amount without any formal fund-raisers," he said. "Our donors have donated because they want to. I didn't anticipate running a tremendously high-dollar campaign."

Clark built her fund-raising effort on help from family members and associates from her time working for Southwest Airlines. That support shows a confidence in Clark's ability, said Diane Diebold, Clark's deputy campaign treasurer.

"They know her the best, they know her the fairest of all of us and they know she is going to work for this," Diebold said.

The legislative race for the seat including the city of Cape Girardeau was the only seat where a Democrat raised more than his opponent. Matt Hill, an attorney, raised $5,012 for the November election, compared to $1,025 for incumbent Rep. Nathan Cooper.

Cooper, seeking his second term, also raised $3,900 to retire debt to himself from his 2004 campaign. In the first quarter of the year, Cooper repaid more than $50,000 in principal on the debt and is now raising money to pay off the $9,408 in interest he charged himself.

Hill said his fund-raising effort is on track. Cooper received only $200 in the latest quarter from inside Cape Girardeau County, Hill noted.

Cooper's largest donation to retire his debt, $3,000, came from the 120th District Republican Committee in Clinton, Mo.

Cooper said he has so far held off on raising money and will make a major effort once the primary is over.

Cooper and Hill are competing for the 158th District Missouri House seat.

In the 161st District, Democrat Steve Hodges of East Prairie has raised about half the amount of his Republican opponent, Gary Branum of New Madrid. Hodges brought in $12,325 during the past three months, compared to $23,275 for Branum.

Branum's fund-raising figure includes a $5,000 loan he made to his campaign.

Hodges and Branum are competing for the district that covers eastern Scott County, including Scott City, and Mississippi, New Madrid and part of Stoddard County.

In the 160th District, which covers western Scott County, including Sikeston and Benton, Republican Ellen Brandom has a huge lead in the money race. She raised $14,146 during the most recent period, compared to $7,470 for Democrat Larry Tetley, whose figures included a $4,600 loan to his own campaign.

Scott County has only two contested races this year in the August primary, both of them for Democratic candidates.

In the race for presiding commissioner, current second district commissioner Jamie Burger raised $5,150 between April 1 and June 30, including a $250 loan to himself. His opponent, Sikeston businessman Glenn Pinkerton, raised more than twice that amount by bringing in nearly $13,400 including in-kind contributions.

In the race for associate circuit judge incumbent David Mann of Sikeston raised more than $24,00, including a $13,540 in-kind contribution to himself.

Challenger Scott Horman, an attorney from Chaffee in private practice, raised $6,950 for his effort to unseat Mann.

335-6611, extension 126

335-6611, extension 182


County Clerk

Major contributors in the Republican primary for Cape Girardeau County Clerk race.


Mrs. Leonard Sander, Jackson, $325; Mr. and Mrs. Narvol Randol, Jr., Cape Girardeau, $100; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Crader, Jackson, $100; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gene Penzel, Jackson, $100; Rob Goyette, Jackson, $100; James Mauer, Cape Girardeau, $100; Jerry Stone, Cape Girardeau, $100; Don Zimmer, Cape Girardeau, $100; Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Hahn, Jackson, $200; Billy McGuire, Jr., Jackson, $100; Ford Groves, Cape Girardeau, $100; Mr. and Mrs. Chad Hartle, Jackson, $300; Kohlfeld Distributing, Cape Girardeau, $100; Karl Karleskint, Jackson, $100; Elizabeth McClary, Jackson, $100; Howard Alexander, Jackson, $100; Kenneth Evans, Jackson, $200; Mr. and Mrs. James Walker, Jackson, $100; Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tomlin, Jackson, $100; Thompson Family Enterprises, Jackson, $300; William Bess, $150; Committee to re-elect Jay Knudtson for Mayor, Cape Girardeau, $250; Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Drury, St. Louis, $200; Beussink, Hey, Roe, Seabaugh and Stroder, LLC, Cape Girardeau, $250; Michael Roberts, St. Louis, $250; Steve Roberts, St. Louis, $250; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Reynolds, Cape Girardeau, $100; Jack Litzelfelner, Jackson, $100; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Walton, Millersville, $100; Mr. and Mrs. Doug Shatto, Chesterfield, Mo., $200; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jones, Jackson, $100; Mr. and Mrs. Randel Lincoln, Whitewater, $100; TR Cole III and Morry Cole, Cape Girardeau, $325; Mr. and Mrs. Steven Skelton, $200; James N. Vangilder Rev Trust, Jackson, $325; Kurt May, Cape Girardeau, $325; Kenneth Swinford, Jackson, $200; Mr. and Mrs. R. David Crader, Perryville, Mo., $200; John Schneider, Cape Girardeau, $100; Albert Spradling III, Cape Girardeau, $350; McDowell South Inc., Jackson, $100; Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Swanson, Jackson, $100; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hartmann, Jackson, $100; Bening Mazda, Cape Girardeau, $100; Brad Elfrink, Jackson, $100; Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tomlin, Jackson, $100; Wiethop Truck Sales, Cape Girardeau, $100; Pest Free Inc., Jackson, $100.


American Financial Mortgage, Cape Girardeau, $200; Kahle Studio, Jackson, $200; Jack Piepenbrok, Jackson, $100; Billy Bess, Jackson, $150; Drs. Patrick and Janet Ruopp, Cape Girardeau, $100; Evelyn Ellis, Knoxville, Tenn., $325; James and Benita Limbaugh, Cape Girardeau, $100; Richard and Sheila Gross, $200; Knox Richison, Boise, Idaho, $100; Dale and Marsha Haskell, Cape Girardeau, $100; Ben and Jo Buford, Marble Hill, Mo., $100; Jim and Charlotte Drury, $100; Roger and Elizabeth Hudson, Cape Girardeau, $100; Charlotte Wilson, Oro Valley, Ariz., $325; Finch Marchbanks LLC, Cape Girardeau, $100; Prestige Development, Cape Girardeau, $325; Karen Wilson, Elliott City, Md., $325; Jim and Cathy White, St. Louis, Mo., $325; Dr. Pamela Hearn, Cape Girardeau, $100; Bud and Rebecca McMillan, Cape Girardeau, $100; Tom and Karen Mogelnicki, Cape Girardeau, $150; Dr. Thomas and Carol Sparkman, Cape Girardeau, $250; Mary Lottes, Jackson, $325; Mathes Land Development, Cape Girardeau, $325; Gerald and Amy Jones, Cape Girardeau, $650; Chris and Bobbi Bowen, Jackson, $650; L&L Sports Marine, Jackson, $100; Charles and Lavern Ross, Jackson, $100; Laura and Charles McGinty, Cape Girardeau, $100; Clark and Sons Excavating, Cape Girardeau, $325; Ron and Marsha Clark, Jackson, $650; Schaper Farms, $150; Crosnoe Gold and Silver, Cape Girardeau, $100; C&J Enterprises, Jackson, $100; Richard Kies, Cape Girardeau, $100; Dr. Charles Hearn, Cape Girardeau, $100; John and Kathy Jordan, Jackson, $650; Craig Morgan, Huntington, WV, $325; Phil Brinson, Cape Girardeau, $325; Jeremiahs, Cape Girardeau, $325; Cape Girardeau Brewing Co. Inc., Cape Girardeau, $325; Quail Creek Development Co., Jackson, $325; Paul and Peggy Fisher, Jackson, $650; Clark Water Well Services, Jackson, $100; James and Suzanne Dufek, $100; Bobby Clark, Cape Girardeau, $325; Jane Clark, Cape Girardeau, $325; Horace Clark, Jackson, $200; Vince and Diane Diebold, Jackson, $650; Steven Clark, Cape Girardeau, $100; Frank and Lori Ann Kinder, Cape Girardeau, $100; Robert Nagy, Cape Girardeau, $100; Nine Oaks Development, Cape Girardeau, $325.

Associated Circuit Judge

Major contributors in the Democratic primary race for Associate Circuit Judge in Scott County.


Janet and Jerry Smith, Benton, $550; Darrell Welter, Scott City, $150; Marvin Ralph, Benton, $250; Don Bouge, Oran, $200; Richard Graviett, Chaffee, Mo., $300; Terry and Kay Uhrhan, Scott City, $200; Leon Enderle, Chaffee, $250; Floyd and Karen Ferrell, Sikeston, $600; LRA Properties, Inc., Scott City, $250; Larry Abbot, Scott City, $300; Lemon's Coin Machines, Inc., $275; Larry Eftink, Scott City, $200; Barb Essner, Benton, $300; Flaire and Georgia Ferrell, Sikeston, $500


Mike Couch, Sikeston, $150; James M. Hux, Sikeston, $150; Lonnie Ponder, Sikeston, $250; H. Marvin Gilmore, Sikeston, $325; J. G. Johnson, Vanduser, Mo., $250; Troy Wilson, Sikeston, $300; Tom Holland, Sikeston, $102; Nita Blackman, Sikeston, $325; James Brown, Sikeston, $150; Brian Menz, Sikeston, $150; Fred Steward, Sikeston, $200; Randol York, Sikeston, $300; Jamie Pollock, Sikeston, $300; Jerry Pullen, Sikeston, $325; Daniel Obermark, Sikeston, $300; Jerry E. Burge, Sikeston, $300; Todd Hall, Charleston, $200; Greg Hall, Charleston, $325; Financial Transportation, Charleston, $325; Saale & Bailey, St. Peters, Mo., $200; Orland Bollinger, Benton, $300; Theodore Liszewski, Omaha, Neb., $200; Raymond G. Glaus, Sikeston, $250; Linda Glaus, Sikeston, $250; Roger Amos, Vanduser, $150; Missourians for Good Government, Cape Girardeau, $325; Jack L. Davis, Millersville, Mo., $300; Craftsman Independent Union, Cape Girardeau, $325; Craftsman International Union, Cape Girardeau, $325; Kelley Transportation, Cape Girardeau, $325; Nip Kelley Equipment Co., Cape Girardeau, $325; David Mann, Sikeston, $13,540.88 in kind; Charlotte York, Sikeston, $259.58 in kind; FTS Logistics, Charleston, $325

158th District

Major contributors in the 158th District Missouri House race. Contributors gave a Cape Girardeau address unless noted.

MATT HILL, Democrat:

Cape Girardeau Area Democratic Meet-up Group, $325; Cape Girardeau County Democratic Committee, Jackson, $325; David Ransin, Springfield, Mo., $100; David and Elizabeth Michael, $200; Casey and James Coats, St. Louis, Mo., $150; Donald and Jo Ann Dickerson, $650; Carrie Tracy, $100; Patrick McMenamin, $100; John and Bekki Cook, $650; Leah Garabedian, $100; Jennifer Booth, $100; Matt and Valerie Ochs, $100; Terry Spence, $100; Bryan and Nancy Greaser, $300; Daniel Statler, $325; Travis and Tania Statler, $325; Mike Hovis, $100; Albert Lowes, $100.

NATHAN COOPER, Republican:

Sina Kaiser, $100; Committee for Political Action of MO Certified Public Accountants, St. Louis, Mo., $300; Missouri Dental Hygenist PAC, Chesterfield, Mo., $325; Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthesists, Chesterfield, Mo., $300.

160th District

Major contributors in the 160th District Missouri House race during the period April 1 to June 30. Contributors list a Sikeston, Mo., address unless noted otherwise.


Missouri Democratic Party, $1,000; Lonnie Ponder, $200; Rob Mitchell, $200; Travis Morrison, West Plains, Mo., $250; Larry Tetley, $4,600 (loans).

ELLEN BRANDOM, Republican:

Felicia Blanton, Sikeston, Mo., $325; Lanie Black for State Representative, Charleston, Mo., $100; Friends of Tilley, Perryville, Mo., $325; 106th Legislative District Committee, Farmington, Mo., $900; Friends of Wayne Cooper, Camdenton, Mo., $325; Team Emerson for Jo Ann Emerson, Cape Girardeau, $325; 157th Legislative District Committee, Jackson, $325; Glenn and Donna Barks, $200; Gerald Jones 1-94 Presiding Commissioner, Jackson, $100; Terry Dame, $200; Kaye Dement, $100; Eugene Dement, $100; Steve and Ann Forbis, $325; Nora Gray Fuchs, $100; Galaxy Systems Management, $325; Linda and Raymond Glaus Jr., $300; Gordon and Nancy Jones, $325; Robert MacGillivray, $325; Edwin and Jackie Masters, $100; Scott and Karen Matthews, $150; Chris Matthews, $300; Richard and Christy Montgomery, $100; Kevin and Amy Blanton, $325; Cathleen Bowman, $100; Claude Old Insurance, $100; Terry and Cynthia Cole, $275; Greg and Lisa Colwick, $100; Dr. and Mrs. Mark Reintjes, $425; Rachel Rowe, St. Louis, $150; Charles and Loletta Scott, $100; SEMO Title, $325; George E. Simmonhs, $100; Marlys Smith, $325; David and Caroline Strom, $350; Fred and Lynn Thornton, $100; David and Laura Tongate, $100; Steve and Jackie Williams, $200; John and Ann Hux, $325; Jeff Hux, $296.50; Ellen Brandom, $900.43.

161st District

Major contributors in the 161st District Missouri House race:


H. Riley Bock, New Madrid, Mo., $200; Richard Logan, Charleston, Mo., $100; Bruce Huffstutler, Matthews, Mo., $100; Lydia Baker, New Madrid, Mo., $250; Robert Coon, Charleston, Mo., $100; Elgin McMikle, Charleston, Mo., $100; David Hahs, Cape Girardeau, $100; Marla Downen, Whitefish, Mont., $100; Betty Hearnes, Charleston, Mo., $325; Warren Hearnes, Charleston, Mo., $325; John Burke, Charleston, Mo., $200; Roxanne Felts, Collegeville, Penn., $100; Stuart Bain, East Prairie, Mo., $100; Bain Auto Sales, East Prairie, Mo., $100; Dwight Scruggs, East Prairie, Mo., $100; Bruce Banks, Charleston, Mo., $200; Bill and Joan Hodges, Scott City, $100; Benny Marshall, Blodgett, Mo., $100; Raymond Overmann, Creve Coeur, Mo., $100; Bob Pritchard, Cape Girardeau, $200; Charles Jones, Murray, Ky., $325; Sarah Jones, Murray, Ky., $325; Arbor Health Care Inc., St. Louis, Mo., $300; Arbor Health Care Inc., St. Louis, Mo., $300; Arbor Health Properties Inc., Sikeston, Mo., $300; Arbor of Livingston, Inc., Sikeston, Mo., $300; Arbor Place of Clinton, Inc., St. Louis, Mo., $300; Arbor Place of Puryear, Inc., St. Louis, Mo., $300; Arbor Place LLC, Sikeston, Mo., $300; Advanced Loan Services Inc., Sikeston, Mo., $300; Close to Home Inc., Sikeston, Mo., $300; Hunter Sales, New Madrid, Mo., $325; New Madrid County Democratic Central Committee, New Madrid, Mo., $850; SEMO Building Trades Council, Cape Girardeau, Mo., $325; George Gilmore, Sikeston, Mo., Kenton Hunter, Centennial, Colo., $100; 8th Ward Democratic Committee, Kansas City, Mo., $150; Stephen Bough, Kansas City, Mo., $325; Bradford Park Building LLC, Springfield, Mo., $325; Kelle Cates, East Prairie, Mo., $200; Grant Davis, Leawood, Kan., $325; Donald French, Charleston, Mo., $100; Donald French, Stevens Point, Wisc., $200; Henning and Bough PC, Kansas City, Mo., $325.

GARY BRANUM, Republican:

Dan Hall, Kewanee, Mo., $250; Linda Hall, Kewanee, Mo., $250; Fred Schuerenberg, Sikeston, Mo., $250; K C Pig Farm, Emden, Mo., $325; Robert Matthews Jr., Sikeston, Mo., $250; Elizabeth Branum, New Madrid, Mo., $325; G. L. Noland, Sedalia, Mo., $200; J.T. Moody, Clarkton, Mo., $250; Jessie Moody, Clarkton, Mo., $250; Michael Gross, Poplar Bluff, Mo., $325; James Raulerson Farms, Holland, Mo., $300; Leggett & Platt, Carthage, Mo., $325; Running R Ranch, Farmington, Mo., $250; Jeff Aufdenberg, Sikeston, Mo., $150; Doug Scott, Sikeston, Mo., $325; James Cravens, Sikeston, Mo., $325; Larry Blunt, New Madrid, Mo., $200; Bruce Martin Construction Co., Portageville, Mo., $250; Martindale Chevrolet-Pontiac, New Madrid, Mo., $325; Greg Crysler, Portageville, Mo., $275; W M Crysler Co., Hayti, Mo., $275; Rebecca Dugan, Charleston, Mo., $200; RD James, New Madrid, Mo., $325; Jenny James, New Madrid, Mo., $325; James Box, New Madrid, Mo., $300; Beth Choate, East Prairie, Mo., $325; Riley James, New Madrid, Mo., $325; Richards Funeral Home, New Madrid, Mo., $150; Charles Jennings, Sikeston, Mo., $325; Thomas Jennings, New Madrid, Mo., $325; Diane Jennings, Sikeston, Mo., $325; DeLine Farms Partnership, Charleston, Mo., $200; Donald Rone Jr., Portageville, Mo., $325; Citizens for Peter Myers, Sikeston, Mo., $300; Friends of Tilley, Perryville, Mo., $325; 106th Legislative District Republican Committee, Perryville, Mo., $900; Team Emerson for Jo Ann Emerson, Cape Girardeau, $325; Committee to Elect Icet, Wildwood, Mo., $325; Republican 18th Legislative District Committee, St. Charles, Mo., $325; Missourians For Mayer, Dexter, Mo., $325; 157th Legislative District Committee, Jackson, Mo., $325; Dean White, Cape Girardeau, $250; Lisa White, Cape Girardeau, $250, Richard Sutton, East Prairie, Mo., $200; Michael Geske, Matthews, Mo., $325; Southern Home Realty, New Madrid, Mo., $325; Harry Gremore, New Madrid, Mo., $250.

-- From staff reports

Presiding Commissioner

Major contributors in the Democratic primary race for Scott County presiding commissioner.


Dwight Bird, Sikeston, Mo., $200; Martha Bird, Sikeston, $200; Bob Buchanan, Sikeston, $230; James R. Clay, Sikeston, $300; David Crader, Sikeston, $250; Terry Dame, Sikeston, $150; Bill Ferrell, Sikeston, $250; John Frank Ferrell, Sikeston, $250; Nikki Ferrell, Sikeston, $250; John D. Hux, Sikeston, $150; James M. Hux, Sikeston, $150; Dan Jennings, Sikeston, $250; Robert Mitchell, Sikeston, $250; Mike Moll, Sikeston, $250; Thomas F. Nunnelee, Sikeston, $200; Kenny Pinkerton, Sikeston, $150; Pam Pinkerton, Sikeston, $150; Shannon Pinkerton, Linn, Mo., $250; Troy Pinkerton, Linn, Mo., $250; Jerry Pullen, Sikeston, $325; Marvin Ralph, Benton, Mo., $150; Judy Ralph, Benton, $150; Gerald Settles, Sikeston, $200; Vandivort Investments, Sikeston, $250; Charles Moore, Sikeston, $200; Democratic Committee, in kind donation of $1,000 for voter lists.


Sandy Hahn, Oran, Mo., $100; PTI S&J Potaschnich, Sikeston, $200; Eastern Missouri Laborers, Bridgeton, Mo., $325; Steven L. and Jackie Griffith, Cape Girardeau, $100; Pollack Household Account, Sikeston, $100; Priggel Farm Partnership, Oran, $200; Oliver and Nancy Kirkpatrick, Charleston, Mo., $100; Lambert's Cafe, Sikeston, $325; Glennon Butch Dirnberger, Oran, $200; Michael and Joyce Reed, Scott City, $100; David and Nikia Hamm, Benton, $100, Danny or Brenda Dumey, Benton, $300; Mr. and Mrs. Harold I. Werner, Cape Girardeau, $100; Laborers Local 104, Cape Girardeau, $100; Harold I. Werner Jr., Cape Girardeau, $100; William R. Orgel, Memphis, Tenn., $250; Robin S. Orgel, Memphis, Tenn., $250; Scott Lambert, Foley, Ark., $325; Jeremy Johnson, Sikeston, $325; Lee Holland, Benton, $250; Michelle Holland, Benton, $250; Don or Becky Culbertson, $200; Larry and Beechy Brazel, $325

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