Sunday, August 3, 2003

SO CAPE has a drought in athletes making it big in the pros. Who cares? How about a future astronaut, Nobel prize winner or president from that trio of youngsters earning college math credit on Wednesday's front page? Good job guys. Good story, Callie Clark.

I'D ENCOURAGE fans to really come out this season and support Indians football at Houck Stadium. The more people who come, the more the university and donors will see the need to expand the stadium and eventually repair neighboring Houck Field House.

WE ENJOYED the article on swimming. Please expand your coverage of this sport.

MARTY, I enjoyed the article ("Cape Legion team breaks its district title drought," July 27). I see that you haven't lost your touch. Best wishes

PRO ATHLETES receive too much money for their talents. It's corrupting them and inflating their egos. The money the basketball player spent on a ring for his wife was absolutely sinful. He could have set up an educational scholarship in her name for several underprivileged children. They need to get a grip on reality with these professional athletes.

THE MORE we hear about Ricky Clemons, the more he sounds like he was corrupted by the system. If coaches hadn't fawned over him all his life and promised him he could have anything at any cost, he and other spoiled athletes wouldn't turn out the way they do. Are coaches out there listening?

IT'S FOOTBALL season, finally. The Rams are going to make some noise this year, I guarantee.

I'VE WONDERED why it's taking so long for Cape to produce a big-league athlete, too. It sounds like there's really no reason we haven't. But just think: We could be at the very front end of a wave of future pro athletes. Area high school teams have done well in state playoffs the past year or two, so maybe it's a sign of things to come.

I HOPE the SEMO football players don't put too much stock into the preseason conference poll. Those polls have ruined seasons for plenty of teams. Don't get so overconfident that you forget the other side of the coin -- just remember a couple of years ago. You don't want that kind of season again.

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